Monday, August 1, 2016


"If you don't have to throw the kids in the bathtub, they haven't played hard enough."
Prison Guard

We are not talking about Pokemon here. I strongly suggest you do something about this with your kids.

What is this little guy getting out of his play time in the dirt?

1. He is developing a fantastic imagination and talking to people who are not there. You can learn a lot about his thoughts by eaves dropping.

2. He is getting immunities from biology in the dirt. There is not a vaccination that can replace this.

3. He is staying out of trouble.

4. He is making his own fun instead of having it made TO him.

5. He is getting dirty, and later he will get Mom's attention when she cleans him up.

6. He is starting to think about work and life and machines.

7. He is role playing a man he knows, a real man. Daddy, when you come home, get right out there in Johnny's dirt lot, and ask him about the town he made.

8. He is learning responsibility. When his toy breaks because he was too rough on it, Mommy can teach him a lesson in taking care of your things, something millions of grown men never learned.

When Johnny comes out of his sister's room in her dress, do NOT start wondering if he is really a girl inside. Tell him to take the dress off, and send him out to play in the dirt.

Hand him a jar, and tell him to go find some bugs. When he brings them in to you, Google "feeding pet bugs," and start a project for a BOY...... and one day, an Entomologist Ph.D.

"Oh dear, he might get stung by a bee." So, get your healthy buns off the sofa and help him find the bugs. Furthermore, being stung by a bee is a lot less dangerous than being stung by Pokemon.

If you are too blasted lazy to get involved, watch the video again, and take a long look at the hotel your son will probably live in one day.