Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Germans are fleeing Germany. There seems to be no way to stop Merkel other than a full blown revolution, and most Germans are too timid for this option.

So, the flow of those fleeing Germany is increasing. This will insure that Germany becomes an Islamic state eventually. History is replete with accounts of White Race zeal to conquer and take power around the world. It is startling to see the White Race in Europe cave in and kiss up to Allah.


So, the world will be receiving some of those priceless Germans who are willing to step off he edge and start over on down the road. Texas has a rich German heritage which dates back to the early 1800s.

To you Germans looking the alternative to Russia, here are the conditions for fleeing to Texas:

Be ready to work to pay your own way. 

Be ready to live by Texan law and our rules. 

Be ready to defend yourself like all Texans do.

Texas has a fine German community waiting for you:

Nobody is far from home in Texas.

Texas now has a law that Texas has only one law- Texas Law. Sharia law will NEVER rule in Texas. And, there are three guns for every man in Texas to make sure of that.