Monday, August 1, 2016


This is making things complicated. Saudi Arabia has told Israel that if Israel wanted to bomb Iran's nuke program, Israel could fly over Saudi Arabia. This was SA's response to Obama threatening to shoot down Israel's bombers. 

Saudi Arabia also is showing what they think of the alleged Muslim, Barak Obama. They very likely know that Obama is a sodomite, and that flies very poorly in SA. So, SA slapped Obama and made an alliance with Israel.

Now, Russia is in Syria defending their alleged friend, Assad. Russia, in the process, has been bombing Hillary's ISIS troops. This makes Hillary and Obama enraged because ISIS was supposed to be the storm troopers of the Middle East to kill Christians for Obama, and eventually, to invade the USA and torment the White Race.

Well, it is all going south fast, and that applies in the figurative and the literal. Saudi Arabia is inviting Putin to enter the closest oil club in the Middle East if Putin will let Assad eat the green wienie. 

This may appeal to Putin because Saudi Arabia did not say that Putin had to abandon Syria, just ice Assad. So, Putin would still have his naval port on the Syrian coast. 

And thus, the plot thickens. Assad has sent a clandestine message to Netanyahu of Israel asking for a deal. Assad will secure the top of the Golan Heights and make sure no one threatens Israel there, and for his part, Netanyahu will have Assad's back in the south of Syria. No more Israeli aid and comfort for Syrian rebels.

What an interesting soap opera this is. Add Erdogan's attack on the USA and its General who sponsored the coup against Erdogan in Turkey, and add the hugs Putin has just given Erdogan, and we have the whole Middle East turning against the USA.

But, who will referee this mob? 

Turkey hates Syria and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia hates Iran. Iran is fighting with Russia. Russia is in Syria to stay. Putin comforts Netanyahu and assures him there will be no harm to Israel. Putin is the only force who can really influence Iran. The only referee who is obvious is Vladimir Putin.

This is exactly what is prophesied in Ezekiel 38. Gog and Magog (Russia) come down and gather all these nations into one mob and guard them. But, the USA must be out of the way for Putin's plan to work. The USA is the major bully in the Middle East, and God will not allow the US to be thrashing around there while Putin is fulfilling prophecy.


Netanyahu seems to have a reasonable motive to cut the deal with Assad. The Golan Heights are under siege on all sides as various entities jockey around to push Israel to the wall. But, is there some other incentive for Netanyahu to deal with Assad?

The amazing aspect of Assad's gesture is that a) Assads troops are gaining ground. He does not seem to need to deal with Israel. b) Syria has claimed the Golan Heights going back to the 1960s. Why is Assad suddenly ready to guard the Golan Heights for Israel? Netanyahu knows that Obama and Hillary hate Israel. 

So, I cannot see how Netanyahu will pass up this deal with Assad. And, there is reason to believe that Israel and Syria could even become allied in the end. Both of them would benefit from such a deal, and Putin would love it. 

This story, as usual, is developing.