Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Russia has build an air base at the old capital of Shushan in Iran. It all happened during July and following, and they are flying in the largest air freight haulers today with their best missiles on board.

One month and a half is all the Russians need to build a world class Air Base. 

The creepy aspect of this is that US Intelligence did not have a clue it was being constructed. US snoops keep a very close eye on you and me, so why are they not watching Iran?

This is clearly an example of what Putin said he would be doing in the coming days. He said that because America has far greater resources to make masses of military arms, Russia would be using Asymmetric Warfare in the future to surprise the US and respond to US threats. This is exactly what Putin warned us he would do, and our people did not believe him.

Consider please: President Obama cuts a deal with Iran to go forward with their nuke plans, AND sends them $400 million as a love offering. For this, Iran invites Russia to take up residence in Iran. Obama is a very gullible porch monkey. 

This is the first foreign military base in Iran since 1979. Thus, we can assume that Russia and Iran have made some very serious concessions to each other in this process. 

Also, we may assume that this Russian base now makes a US war against Iran virtually a mute question. There is now no way the US dares to attack Iran with Russia watching their back. The S-400 Russian missiles are the top of their defensive line, and they have nothing to do with ISIS. These missiles are to return fire if the US comes playing tricks on Iran or Russia.

This move also draws the ties closer together in the prophetic Ezekiel 38 gathering of Middle Eastern nations by Gog and Magog, that is, Russia, into a mob of thugs preparing to invade Israel.