Friday, April 7, 2017


President Trump is well known as very limited in his military experience. That seemed like an asset to many who voted for him, that is, for people who did not want more war in the Middle East nor with China or Russia.

So, why did The Donald cave in and launch a serious war on Syria?

This is an excellent critique of Trump and his war making.

What will happen next?

Europe will rejoice. They want Syria destroyed because of their long standing hate for the Assad family.

Erdogan of Turkey will dance in the street. He also wants Assad and Syria destroyed so he can take over Syria and start rebuilding the Turkish Empire / Islamic Caliphate. This will also cause Turkey to cozy up to Trump, further enlarging the American Realm of Influence.

[ Definition: Realm of Influence is old world speak for "Empire". ]

Israel will be delighted to see Syria reduced to ashes. They need a power in Syria which will not threaten them on their northern border.

Saudi Arabia will cheer Trump on. He helped them arm their genocide in Yemen, and now Syria, the perceived worst enemy to peace to Riyadh, and an ally of Iran, is being neutered and spayed.

The US Military now has Trump on a short leash and will sic him on other targets. Mattis is turning Trump into a fellow mad dog.

North Korea is undoubtedly now calculating whether it is time to pre-empt the US with their promised attack on US bases in Asia.

Iran is put in its place. As an ally to Syria, Iran is now alone in the Middle East. They have no other allies there. This gives them even more reason to start a war with Middle Eastern nations.

Russia is the big loser in this, at least perceivably so. Their key air base in Syria is trashed, and their prestige is under serious peril. If Trump sends in Black Ops hit men to take Assad out, that will destroy Russia's ongoing Realm of Influence in the Middle East. They have the most to lose in this new war on Syria by Trump.

China now knows that Trump will shoot back. This seems good on the face of it, but the question is, do we all WANT to get into a shoot out with China. Remember, it is NOT China which has been raging around the world shooting up little nations..... it is the USA. China may decide to make North Korea into an armed camp and draw a line in the sand for Trump. It is also instructional to Xi that The Donald goes to war in the middle of Xi's visit to the USA. Xi cannot be very impressed with that.

So, President Trump becomes the ruler of the alleged free world. This is by virtue of the fact that he now wants to be the next big bully with the big stick. This all started with President John Kennedy when he had his stand off with the USSR over missiles to Cuba. Every President since Kennedy, with the exception of Jimmy Carter, has distinguished himself in some warlike way as the world's biggest bully.

Here is retired Reagan Advisor Elliot Abrams giving Trump his promotion to Commander in Chief of the world:
Explaining the strike, Secretary of State Tillerson pointed to one clear security goal: "if there are weapons of this nature available in Syria, the ability to secure those weapons and not have them fall into the hands of those who would bring those weapons to our shores to harm American citizens." But then he added "it's important that some action be taken on behalf of the international community to make clear that the use of chemical weapons continues to be a violation of international norms." The term "on behalf of the international community" is certainly not one we have previously heard from the Trump administration.
The president has been chief executive since January 20, but this week he acted also as Commander in Chief. And more: He finally accepted the role of Leader of the Free World. READ MORE OF THIS ARTICLE
Watch for Abrams to be brought on board on the Trump team soon. He lost appointment to Bannon as an adviser. Bannon just got the ax, so Abrams' article looks a lot like a job application for Bannon's job.

One of Trump's main platform planks during the campaign was that he would not be making more war in the Middle East, AND he would get along with Russia and Putin. He just blew all those claims into a cocked hat. And, Buddy, he don't care what yo think bout it.

Trump may have just made sure he does not get reelected for a second term. He is splitting his voter base into two camps..... warmongers and peace lovers.


So, Donald Trump is a liar just like 95% of all the elite in Washington DC. He has let the Generals take over his brain as to defense and foreign policy. Trump is very likely also showing the Congress and the world that he is willing to play rough. He loves the role of a bully.

We also recall all the rage by Conservatives when Obama launched a ditto war on Libya. What is the difference with Trump's war in Syria? Who will complain now? Who will find out if Assad really did gas anyone? Will we just believe the story the same way we believed the WMD story of George Bush?


Finally, watch the other hand. I keep telling you this, but I suspect some of you don't get it yet.

History tells us that wars, especially localized but politically hot ones, are almost always used as a smoke screen to hide something wicked going on.

President Trump is very likely moving in the shadows to do something big but nasty. He wants you and me to look at his war so we don't nail his wicked deeds.


Maybe Trump, and his handmaid Betsy DeVos, are about to hit the fan and explode over their Black Ops conspiracy to rule America by subterfuge and guerrilla tactics. If the back-channel connection to Putin by Black Ops people was supposed to give Trump his secret rapport with Putin, he just blew it all away in Syria. Watch for Trump to announce a visit to Russia soon to mend fences.

The other hand may also be trying to buy John McCain's loyalty to Trump, though Trump dare not let this become obvious. McCain HATES Trump, but McCain loves WAR more than he hates Trump. 

By launching a large war offensive, Trump will cause McCain to buckle under and support Trump better. Watch for Trump to start chattering about bringing back the draft. This would put McCain permanently into Trump's pocket. John McCain wants your son dead on some battle field. A new draft would also help Trump forget about his five deferments from military service during the Vietnam Era (college and bad feet, you see). Shades of Slick Willy going to Oxford to dodge the draft and not finishing at Oxford.

The other hand of Trump is also desperately trying to make Jered Kushner top dog in his team in spite of the fact that Kushner hid his contacts with Russian spies when he applied for top secret security clearance. The clear implication is that Trump DOES have some very crafty connections in Moscow. The Democrats may be right about this after all.

And, the Kushner intrigue, along with Kushner ousting Bannon, tells us that the Trump Presidency is a family dynasty at the top, what with Ivanka moving into the west wing of the White House. Oh, she is only there to give Daddy a pat on the hand from time to time.................... RIGHT.

Keep watching that other hand, folks. It is all about "The Deal."

Assad's gas, and America's abortion clinics, say the same thing before the throne of God...........


So, who is the righteous nation?