Sunday, April 16, 2017


Evolutionists like Richard Dawkins and Michia Kaku wander the world debating Creationists and blasting faith in a Supreme Being. 

I have a question for these wee timorous scuttlin' beasties......

What is the ethic behind your zeal to attack Creationists? Who made the rule that demands that you rescue us all from our collective dementia? 

You see, you boys don't believe there is a moral agent in charge of the universe. You have no oughts and ought nots, no shoulds and should nots. Why don't you just go play golf or chase whores. There are no Ten Commandments of Evolution. You can do anything, and break any law, and there is no one keeping score.

Oh, I have heard you claim that unbelief and Atheism is fraught with all sorts of ethical and moral obligations. BAH What ethics do baboons have? Where is the moral code by which a cobra lives? Every ethical consideration you come up with is based in moral religious codes like the Ten Commandments given to Moses long ago. You keep OUR moral laws to deceive us into believing your system is uplifting. 

We are not going for this scam, gentlemen. You stop for every stop light for the same reason every Christian does. It is a moral response based on, "Matthew 7:12 Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets." You do not stop for that light out of a deep sense of moral obligation to your fellow man.

I will tell you boys why you keep chasing us down the road with your evangelistic message of unbelief. You are not sure of yourself, and you need to hear yourself denouncing God and faith in large forums and in front of microphones. As long as there is a mob who will be your disciples, you have the comfort of knowing you are not all alone in your unbelief.

Another question: You do not believe there is an unseen Higher Power out there, but you are obsessed with finding other beings in the cosmos. They must be out there, and certainly they must long to sit down with you geniuses, share a find cigar, and discuss the origins of the species.

So, what if you do find your mythical beings, and they turn out to be highly intelligent weasels? Are you going to go up to the White House, or to Parliament, and agitate to send ambassadors to the weasels? What will you do with these creatures?

What you actually fear the most is that you will turn out to be the blind man in a dark closet searching for a black cat that isn't there.

And, after the day you die, 60% of your scientific friends will still be going to Mass or church services on the next Sunday. And, you will never convince the vast majority of humanity to come along and hate Jesus Christ like you do.

I finally offer you the Anthropic Theory. Your own most potent friends in cosmology have concluded that the chances of finding another universe where the life and biological systems found on earth are duplicated is one to the one hundred and twentieth power. This, if you are honest, is like saying the chances of another earth being out there is zero. And, if it were out there, you pin heads will have to visit an infinite number of universes before you find the other earth out there waiting to be discovered.

You are alone, and infinitely alone. All alone on planet earth, with no neighbors and no God. The irony is, you are not alone. God is present with you all the time, and is he ever mad. He sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to die for you sins of hate and unbelief, and you refuse the gift of the Gospel and eternal life.

And, you offer your gospel of bitterness and mean spirited arrogance. What a lousy life, and what a wretched end you will have as you die and leave us.