Monday, April 24, 2017


I have talked about this over and over, and I know some of you do not believe me.

Illegals from Mexico are urgently needed in the US labor market. You and your son will never apply for a job in a cantaloupe field in the San Joaquin Valley. You cannot, or simply refuse to, work in the hot sun. You believe you are a tough hombre, but the truth is, Americans do not care for rough manual labor anymore.

Any farmer or rancher will tell you that it is very hard to find Anglos who will do heavy field labor. In fact, American citizen Hispanics will not do field labor either. They have the same virus as the Anglos. We all want our life to be a bit soft, and working in the hot sun at 115 degrees is asking too much of us.


So, Trump will send all the illegals home to Mexico, and farmers throughout Arizona, Texas, and California will go bankrupt. The farms and ranches which stay alive will raise prices sky high. 

Trump also wants to put a heavy tax on all imports. As much as 60% of your vegetables at the super market come from Mexico. Prices will jump seriously due to this. Every morning in mid winter, 700 to 1000 trucks are parked at the border entrance in Nogales, Arizona. The USDA checks every tenth or twentieth truck and inspects vegetable quality and safety. Mexican vegetables are checked far more rigorously than American produce from California and Florida. The USDA checkpoint leaving California is open one day a month to check on produce quality, and the trucks can find ways around the check point.

So, you will end up eating more expensive, and more poisoned, vegetables if Mexican farmers are also driven bankrupt by import duties.

You thought King Donald would solve all of America's problems, right? Well, we are just getting started, and we are looking at a hit in the pocket book, and, on top of that, nuclear war. His old buddy Putin is now Trump's worst enemy. And the Military is all over the East Coast and California in the air trolling for trouble. They are having a drill right now called Gotham Shield, in which they intend to simulate nuclear war by actually setting off live nuclear bombs over the USA.

How is The Donald doing so far?

Psalms 147:10 He (God) delighteth not in the strength of the horse: he taketh not pleasure in the legs of a man.
11 The LORD taketh pleasure in them that fear him, in those that hope in his mercy.

Donald Trump does not fear God. God, to The Donald, is a great adviser to have on the campaign committee. The people of God, to Trump, are easy to sucker into the matrix of his power structure. That is all God is to Donald Trump.

Back to the discussion of illegal Mexicans:

One rancher near us had a wire mesh fence put up around his property. He found illegals who would do it for him. They charged him 85 cents a foot, and he supplied the materials. I saw the fence, and it is straight as an arrow and still tight seven years later. The American company nearby wanted $3 a foot for the same work. This is why Texans have mixed emotions about the illegal issue. They see the Obama policy as suicidal, but the Trump plan will make life very hard for Texans.

Life will not be the same if we make no way for law abiding Mexicans to come to the USA and work legally for immigrant prices. We used to have a Barcero program in the 1960s, but Caesar Chavez tried to unionize them, and the US Congress killed that program. Mexicans came for several years, got a green card, and they went home and bought a new home in the hills of Chihuahua. 

They still do that, but illegally. Give them a green card, charge them tax like American workers, and let them do what they do so well. Nothing would improve relations with the Mexican Government like a new Barcero program.

I no longer have any hope that Donald Trump will figure out what is good for America. I fully expect his efforts to all backfire one by one. And, the end result may well be civil war if Hillary and her thugs have anything to do with it.

While I have one opinion about Mexican illegals, I do NOT imply that all illegals be treated the same. There is no such thing as "rights" for immigrants in the US Constitution. It is very proper and essential to profile immigrants. Those from Mexico come to the USA with an entirely different motivation than those from Islamic nations, especially nations which produce masses of terrorists. I fully approve of restraining the flow from the Middle East as long as Islam keeps up its hate campaign for the USA.