Wednesday, April 5, 2017


The Canadian Government is clearly covering up the transmission of the Infectious Salmon Anemia (ISA) virus from one part of the world to another. This includes Norway, Scotland, Chile, Alaska and Canada.

The virus is affecting the life span of the salmon, and it causes them to fail to spawn. This means the end of salmon one day, and that means a huge industry gone. The Canadian Government is systematically threatening and forcing scientists and labs to either lie about their findings or simply abandon their reasearch for fear of being destroyed. This is big enough for the Canadian Gov. to one day start killing scientists who talk too much.

The ISA virus is said to be temperature sensitive, so it cannot pass from salmon to humans because human body temperatures kill the virus.

Enter Fukushima. There has been a flood of stories about mutations caused by radiation from Fukushima, mostly in Japan. It is entirely possible that the ISA virus will one day mutate to survive in higher temperatures and thus thrive in humans. The radiation to cause this is in the water where all the northern Pacific salmon thrive. If such a mutation happens, you may trust the Canadian and US Government to kill anyone who talks about it.

Here is a serious report on ISA and the future of the salmon industry.

It is bad enough to know that northern Pacific salmon is infected with radiation from Fukushima. That was clear long ago due to the movement of radiation to those waters. But, now we must deal with the possibility that fish we eat are diseased. 

We do not want to eat diseased chicken or beef. Why would be want to eat diseased salmon? The Canadian Government has issued a statement that eating ISA infected salmon is safe for humans. Well, eating cow manure is safe for humans if it is cooked well. But, who wants to go down this road?

I lived with my parents in a small home on a chicken ranch in California long ago. They had two diseases break out in the chickens. With both diseases, the chickens had to be buried in a huge pit to control the disease. One disease was Newcastle disease which is not any danger to humans. Thus, the ranch owner told my parents that we could eat these chickens. The rancher ate them himself, so my parents ate a few. But, I remember that my parents became wary of the thing and stopped eating the diseased chickens.

So, the question arises- Who wants to eat diseased animals, even if they are allegedly not a danger to humans? This is the question with ISA infected salmon from Alaska and the Canadian coast. The disease is slowly spreading to the whole world, so you now know. You can decide if you want your salmon, not only laced with radiation from Japan, but also infected with a virus.

Every new flu virus which comes around has mutated. That is why we cannot get immunity to the flu from having it once, like with measles and mumps. Could ISA salmon virus mutate? Any scientist who claims that could not happen is a jerk and probably in the pay of the Canadian Government.

2 Timothy 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.