Sunday, April 9, 2017


Thousands of pastors around America chatter about how great this nation is, and they try, with various deceptive tricks, to prove America is mentioned in Bible prophecy. 

America is NOWHERE in Bible prophecy.

America is in the way of fulfilled prophecy, and God will soon diminish America and humble this nation. The arrogance of sexual sin, the exaltation of hate for Christian truth, and the murder of babies in abortion clinics are just three of a long list of wicked sins American leaders and citizens have come to approve of. 

The most stupid recent wickedness, and one very egregious to God, is that America has officially exalted men who claim to be woman, and visa verse.

Add the fact that America is the world's greatest bully in world history, and you can see that God has plenty of reasons to trash the USA.

Here are the observation of my correspondent who has fought several times with the IDF in Israel:

From my correspondent:

To me, it looks like the US has to somehow disappear from the Middle East before Russia and Iran can invade Israel.  The fact that the US isn't mentioned in the Ezekiel 38 scenario would seem to make it imperative that the US go away from the region.  

I think that the Rapture would be the only event with enough power to make that happen.  We have essentially two sides hammering away at us 24/7.  One side says Assad gassed civilians, and the other side says the Syrian rebels did it.  How do you tell from out in Nebraska who is telling the truth?  The Syrian government has aircraft with which to drop chemical weapons.  But some say the rebels captured civilians, gassed them on the ground, then distributed their bodies in built up areas to make it look like the Syrian government gassed them.  

According to the Bible, this is a side show.  The real show is going to be what removes the US from Syria?  Israel knows the attack from Gog and Magog (Russia) is going to come, and they are ready to evacuate their civilians.  This is the only way that God can rain down huge hailstones and burning sulfur on the Russians and Iranians as they pour over Israel's borders with Syria and Lebanon, without killing any Israelis who would naturally be swept up in the path of the invasion.  

So it keeps hitting me that the USA must be forced to go away from the areas where the attack commences.  If this were to be caused by any event other than the Rapture, you would think we'd be able to see this phenomenon taking shape.  Yet no human power whatsoever seems to be anywhere near capable of getting rid of all the power and might of the US.  Plus, Trump is very keenly interested in Israel at this time.  And you can bet that Israel is overjoyed to see Trump hitting Assad with 59 cruise missiles, being assured that more destruction is certain to come. 

How can it be otherwise that we could be looking for anything other than when the Rapture will be?  I'm at a loss to try to guess how many Christians are in the US military in the Middle East, and how many Christians are in the entire US military.  For the Rapture to pave the way for the Ezekiel 38 invasion, the removal of all of the Christians in the US military will have to render America wholly incapable to coming to Israel's aid. 

From a project manager's point of view, what has to happen immediately before Russia and Iran will invade?  It seems to me that the US presence will have to be gone from the region in order for sufficient Russian and Iranian troops and equipment to mass on Israel's borders from inside Syria and Lebanon.  Then when Israel sees the buildup, they will know to evacuate southward as quickly as possible in an orderly fashion.  It is as if Israel's planners know exactly what they will need to do to prepare for how God will respond to the invasion.  The Rapture will surely cause many Israelis to realize that Jesus took his followers out of harm's way.

Right now, the overwhelming use of military force in Syria by America makes it appear certain that the US would act decisively to prevent a ground invasion of Israel by Russia and Iran.  In other words, I don't think we're planning on coming home anytime soon.  We know it would be unacceptable for us to pull out, with Russia and Iran so close to Israel's borders with Syria and Lebanon.  Something huge has to remove us.  When we think about the Rapture taking place at any moment, what moment could be better than this moment?  I think Russia and Iran know that Trump and his people are in no mood to countenance them amassing militarily on Israel's borders.  Yet that is what they must do.  Although it can't be done with us in the picture. 

God doesn't seem to seesaw back and forth when it comes to moving prophetic events forward to fulfillment.  No, it's rather a linear path where all of the characters are in place and taking their deliberate actions.  God puts the hook in Putin's (who else?) jowls, and he has an evil thought to invade Israel, and does so.  Bing Bang Boom.  The Rapture must come soon.

Editor's comments:

There are several other things which could force the USA out of the Middle East.

1. Total economic collapse.

2. Natural disaster of mammoth proportions, such as the total destruction of Southern California by earthquake. Of a Yellowstone volcanic caldera blow. New York City sits on an earthquake fault also.

3. Solar coronal mass ejection which trashes the whole US electric power grid and all electronics.

4. A surprise attack on the US by Russia or some other entity using an EMP nuke, which would do the same thing as 3. above.

5. A hack of several nuclear power plants, upwind from large cities, causing them to melt down and blow up. This could force the evacuation of New York City and other US cities, including Washington DC.

God has plenty of options, and all of our leaders mock at him and dare him to step in and pull the plug on America.

Do you have friends of family who are not born again. After the rapture, or after all communications are trashed, you will not be able to talk to these lost people. Do it NOW while there is time. There are forces in place NOW in other nations which could set back America to 1920 conditions, and you could not see you unsaved friends again for many years.

You are a jack ass if you think America is too big and too powerful to be taken out by God in anything from five seconds to three days.