Friday, April 7, 2017


President Trump has taken the USA on down the road to trash the US Constitution. How much more of this can go on before this nation implodes in on itself? 

There comes a day in all the empires of world history when the people fell apart as their government went into the ditch. Donald Trump cannot have learned anything about the history of the USA and the world back during his school days. He is clearly a loose cannon and taking America into oblivion.

What Obama tried to do to the Constitution and America out of hate for our democracy, Donald Trump seems to be doing out of sheer stupidity.

Is Rand Paul the only Republican who understands right from wrong. The Pubs roared in rage when Obama did this, but they are now sitting on their hands.

The whole Congress has become a sick joke. The hate between the Liberal Democrats and the Republicans is so intense that they cannot unite and do the right thing anymore. 


What is going on in Israel and the Middle East? 

Look who beat Trump to the punch in Jerusalem.

With Saudi Arabia and the Emirates suddenly sending kisses to Israel, I believe things are taking a sudden rush to prophecy fulfillment. 

But, America is not in Bible prophecy. Is Trump walking into a huge explosion, either politically, or an actual knock out blow to America from someone? Trump has entered a no fly zone prophetically. He could be the one who brings America to total collapse at the hand of God.

This man whom you Christians cheer for, as if he is the very finger of God to bring great days back to America, is showing us his religion now........... and it has nothing to do with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Trump worships at the shrine of.........