Friday, April 14, 2017


Something strange is going on over Los Angeles involving a U-2 reconnaissance plane. Also, an E6b AC air command post is in the air over LA. 

What are they getting ready for? I have to recall 9/11 when jet fighters were scrambled, flew around in circles, and then the Twin Towers went down.

A false flag event in Southern California could well be planned to justify the nuking of North Korea.

I hope I am wrong, but I need to put this up so that if there is a false flag we the people may expose it and prevent it.

The U-2 is bypassing Edwards Airbase and flying on east over the Mojave Desert. This particular plane has been used by the CIA in the past and is named "The Dragon Lady." As I write, the U-2 is over Barstow and the US Marine depot base nearby. It is flying erratically and has turned back toward the west.

This is being tracked on multiple radio bands by Texas News Studio, and the messages are emergency response communications. Something is happening which is bad, or this may be a practice run in the context of North Korea. If it is a practice, then it shows what someone in high places believes is possible from North Korea, and that is bad news.

Another question would be, is there an danger of attack from North Korea in progress, and the US Air Force is trying to find it? For what it is worth, President Trump is in his Florida home toady with nothings scheduled. That would be the plan if a False Flag or an attack on North Korea were in progress.

I am sorry if this seems like a panic post. I believe that when people on the web gang up and post what they know like this, it may cause the Feds to pull back some evil trick.

As I post, the U-2 is working its way north over the San Joaquin Valley, and the airborne commend plane is doing the same. 

The Pentagon is getting ready to protect the US electrical grid from an EMP attack. This is because North Korea has launched two "weather" satellites which do not transmit any signals. The satellites fly over the USA south to north in permanent orbit. They have been suspected to have EMP nukes on board to take down our grid.

If you have a Faraday arrangement, use it NOW.