Saturday, April 29, 2017


If you run a business or service, you may want to refuse service to certain groups who offend moral principles you live by in your personal Christian zeal. There is a lawful way to do this, as follows:

This is a question and answer from online. I have not asked a legal professional to look at this, but it sounds rational. You can define what you will do as a service, or a product you will sell.

“So, Pepi, let’s say a florist were to put up a sign that said, “We will, at our discretion, consider entering contracts to provide flowers for weddings being celebrated at these local churches/synagogues/mosques only…” with a list of the names of those places, all of which adhere to the traditional human understanding that marriage involves a man and a woman. The sign then continues, “We are unable to furnish flowers for any other wedding/marriage ceremonies at this time, including those celebrated at religious venues other than the ones listed, secular venues, or private homes. We do not provide flowers for outdoor weddings under any circumstances at all.”

Can they legally do that? Should they be able to?”

Yes, they legally can do this, just like both Jewish and Christian caterers are legally allowed to say they don’t sell pork pulled sandwiches to anyone.

You can set up the limits of the services you provide in advance, except that

(I) the limits must be equally enforced, neither Christians nor Jews, neither men nor women, neither blacks nor whites, neither gays nor straights, are to be served pulled pork sandwiches

(II) the limits must be on the products of services you provide, not on the customers you serve, at least not with respect to protected categories. You can limit the sandwiches you make (no pulled pork sandwiches) for any reason, including that you, as a devout Muslim, do not handle pork products, or for no reason at all. You cannot limit the customers you receive. “No Irish, Negroes, or dogs allowed in the premises” is no longer legal.

(III) as pointed seventeen hundred times before already, there is a limited number of categories of customers you cannot discriminate against. Religion is the first in that list. You cannot refuse to serve Jews, Muslims, or Christians. Race, sex, national origin, veteran status, and, in some jurisdictions, sexual orientation, and, in even a more reduced number, gender expression (*). Political groups like Nazis or Democrats, or Republicans, can still be discriminated against.

It ain’t that difficult.

(*) And plenty of conservative politicians have spent a lot of political capital recently trying to roll back the extension of these protections to the sexual orientation and gender identity categories. The NC HB2 fight started when the NC legislature decided it would roll back the Charlotte antidiscrimination provisions because it went beyond the federally protected categories. If your goal in life is to make sure people can discriminate against some specific “other” I guess this is a worthy fight.


Another option is to close the store, or cancel service. The explanation could be, "I am sick right now and I must ask you to get your _________ from another source."

You do not have to tell people what makes you sick, but the possibilities must be obvious. 

My own view on this comes from my piano tuning service. I have never had a customer tell me up front that they are gay. I usually figure that out after I have started tuning in their home. At that point, there is no way in my trade to get up and walk out. I would be sued for wrecking their piano. I have actually returned to tune pianos of lesbians, but male sodomites simply don't get an annual call back.

The most deadly home I ever tuned in was that of a very heterosexual animal veterinarian. The home was full of nice expensive appliances, but everything, especially level surfaces, were visibly caked with scum and crud. My fingers literally stuck to the keys as I tried to tune. The lady told me her husband was a trucker and on the road. Then later, as I was tuning, I saw through the window as she gave a customer of hers a long sloppy kiss. She was basically a whore, and her filthy home and life style terrified me.

Sodomites are not always the most deadly risk around. But, it is true that sodomy is associated with dirty living in many cases. Witness the conditions in the Castro District of San Francisco and New Orleans.

One issue that sodomites know very well is that your reputation with your Christian friends is in peril if you go into a home of a sodomite. They get a rush out of knowing that by forcing you to give them service you could be destroyed socially if your friends see you at their home. Sodomites often live to destroy social standards, and they punish anyone who has them.

I went to tune a piano for one fellow who was waiting behind the door when he opened it to let me in. He was dressed in bright pink hot pants, a chartreuse tank top, and red patent leather shoes. He had a huge dog sitting next to him, and this caused me to not turn and flee for fear he might sic the dog on me. As I prepared to tune his piano, which did not need tuning, he sat all prissy and cute on the couch nearby. 

Meanwhile, I was trying to figure out what to do with myself. I finally told him his piano did not need tuning that badly. He then said, "I don't think I am doing anything for you." I told him, "No, Bill, you are not doing anything for me in that outfit." He promptly went in a back room and changed into Levis and a shirt. He then told me he had moved to the Michigan woods to escape from his sodomite obsessions. He had given up a place in a jazz band in a large city to move to the woods.
I decided he was ready for some help, so I asked if I could show him the life changing Gospel in the Bible. He agreed he needed that. I did not convert him from sodomy..... I introduced him to Jesus Christ. I figured that if he was serious, the Holy Spirit knew how to change his life for him. The man had a lady and daughter which were his "beard." 

I told him that I wanted to see him in the second row of our church on Sunday morning with his lady and daughter. I really looked forward to seeing him start living a different life. He never came around the church, and I was troubled by that. I guess I will find out when we all get to Heaven if he was serious in his confession of faith in Christ.

When you deal with a sodomite, giving them the Gospel, leave the topic of any of their particular sins out of it unless they bring that up. See if you can learn to trust the Holy Spirit to do the clean-up work instead of laying your Christian Sharia Law on them.