Tuesday, April 18, 2017


I told you so. That does not necessarily feel good, but I don't know anyone else who called this, and it should encourage skeptics to visit here occasionally.

After the attack on the Syrian air base, I told you John McCain would get over his hate for The Donald and kiss the ring. That was exactly what McCain and Lindsey Graham did. Both men had been bold in their blasts against Trump, and both men have been a pain in the posterior to the Republican party over Obamacare.

So, I also predicted Trump would reactivate the Selective Service System again and bring in the draft. This is something John McCain has begged for over many years.


Once the SSS is in operating condition, I predict Trump will reactivate the draft. This will enlarge the US Army, and thousands of young men will join the other services to avoid the Army.

This also tells us that Trump wants more war. He may well be planning to open war on Iran and have a major confrontation with Russia in the process. This again puts the US squarely opposed to the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38.

The draft would also reduce unemployment, and this would get Trump re-elected in 2020, that is, only if the war goes on for over four years. Industry would boom as war materials are ramped up, but the cost of war and upkeep of troops would drag down the economy overall. 

And, whichever President it in office when the war and draft are ended would take a massive hit in unemployment and productivity collapse just as Jimmy Carter experienced when the Vietnam war was ended by Richard Nixon. The recession of the 1970s hit an economy in much better condition that our present trembling monster. A recession after a war with Iran could totally collapse the USA worldwide. And, a business man like Trump has NO excuse for letting this happen if he really wants America to be great again.

As with Vietnam, we will lose any war with Iran. As with Vietnam, only an invasion will finish the job in Iran, and the terrain and zeal of the Iranians will make conquest impossible. Russia will make sure Iran makes us pay a deadly price in Iran by keeping them supplied.

I believe Donald Trump is now showing us how he is going to make a fool of himself and do America great harm. I also note that this draft dodger, Trump, is typical of men with no military heritage themselves..... they crave seeing young men get killed in their place, even long after they dodged the draft themselves.

We must also brace ourselves for a False Flag any day. A fake attack on a South Korean target, or a nuke into an aircraft carrier, would be just the thing needed to unite the Republican Party behind Trump. It would also unite the Democrats in a massive war protest similar to the anti-war era of Vietnam. The hate in America would become explosive.

CAVEAT: Bible believing fathers and pastors need to get a Bible based position in place for their sons. If your son has registered for the Selective Service as required, he needs to send a registered letter to the SSS declaring his religious conviction to not kill at the command of other men. This needs to be well thought out and supported by Scripture. If your pastor insists that the men in his church go to war, find another church and pastor at once. The letter must be added to your son's file at the SSS by law. 

This means your son will, during war, be given community work to do for two years in the USA. There no longer is an option to join the US Military and be a non-combatant, so this letter must be in his file if he comes up for consideration BEFORE the draft is reinstated. The letter must be written to the draft board by your son and notarized. He will also need to be able to verbalize his convictions because the draft board will have a hearing where he will be questioned. It will not do to tell them, "My church and family do not approve of war." Your pastor needs to be willing to back your son up at any hearing. But, your son must be personally convinced and able to express it to people.

No Christian young man has any business willingly joining a military where sodomy and fornication are the new normal. I know this is so from Christian young men who joined the Military. It is a moral pig pen. And, no God fearing man has any business killing at random on command. No war since WW II was fought to "keep America free." If the North Koreans were coming up the beaches of California, that might be different. But, these recent era wars have ALL be fought for business and political reasons and had nothing to do with defending the freedom of anyone. 

Furthermore, does your son want to fight another war which we have no intention of winning. Witness half a win in Korea, total defeat by America in Vietnam, and ongoing chaos in the Middle East. The American Military does not know how to win a war anymore. Meanwhile millions of innocent people and children have been slaughtered by the USA in these bush wars. There is blood on the hands of any American man who willingly gave his time to perpetuate these bully wars. That is why so many soldiers come home with their minds wrecked. They have had to violate their conscience and kill innocent people on command.

James 4:17 Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

Psalms 120:7 I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war.