Saturday, April 8, 2017


"THEY WERE HACKED" is the cry. 

Do you believe that? If so, then the next question is, WHO HACKED THEM?


This happened immediately on the heels of Trumps' illegal war declared against Syria. Civil Defense sirens going off is a highly poignant thing to hack parallel to declaring war.

Russia was slapped in the face in the attack on the air base in Syria. Scuttlebutt is that Trump made a morbid warning to Putin that the air base would be attacked so that Putin could remove his hardware from the base. The result seems to be that Putin warned Assad, and we bombed an abandoned air base.

Nonetheless, Putin has to be enraged over Trump's nasty surprise.

You can count on it.......... there will be more hacks, and sooner of later the hackers will shut down the controls on a nuclear power plant so that it runs away and blows. Or the New York Subways, or Kennedy Airport control tower, could be hacked. America is wide open to hackers to attack our infrastructure. Recent facts about how there is no coordinated preparation for a solar coronal mass ejection implies that there is little of no plan to protect the US infrastructure. This is because politicians see no fame or fortune in preparing for a hacking war.

The other question about the sirens going off is, "Was this actually done by the US Government to hammer Texas for its independent spirit in recent years?" If so, then Trump is again continuing the policy of Obama of hate and rage for Texas.

Any way you look at this event, it is highly suspect and full of portent for Texas and maybe the whole USA. We may be in a full all out war with hackers in Moscow.

Finally, why is the Director of City Management of Dallas a Pakistani? Is he a Muslim? Let us hope he is one of the many Christians who have fled Pakistan in recent years.

For the record, Ivanka Kushner, Trump's daughter and unvetted adviser, convinced Trump to launch the war in Syria.


I told you in the previous blog post below that Donald Trump was courting John McCain in his Syria attack and would get McCain's approval. This is because McCain loves war more than he hates Trump.

This shows that Trump is governing by THE DEAL tactics. 

As a little added kicker, Trump got Lindsey Graham on board also. For this reason you can expect Trump to add more war tricks to his ongoing performance. War will get him united Republicans..... except, that is, for the only Congressman who remembers the war provisions in the Constitution-- Rand Paul.


This story sounds a lot like George W Bush's bogus Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. If Kerry and Obama's people were not lying (admittedly, quite an IF), then the poison gas claim of Trump may well turn out to be a crock.

This is easily possible because Trump is onto the art of lying by now.