Friday, April 14, 2017


Mohammed, in his sayings, the Hadith, told Muslims that female circumcision, a
clitoridectomy, is acceptable. He also approved of extreme circumcision of boys. This is barbarian and comes from customs that date back way beyond Mohammed. Some Arab tribes, when circumcising a boy, remove the foreskin, skin his whole penis, and then go right on down his leg removing skin.

The circumcision of girls is insane. It is the practice of removing the clitoris. The purpose of this is to destroy the possibility of a climax during intercourse so that the girl will later have no pleasure in sex. This is because Muslim men view their wives as a sex exercise machine, AND NOTHING MORE. They do not want their wives to think about looking for sex elsewhere.

Sex is owned by men in Islam. Mohammed taught in the Hadith that a woman is a walking sex organ, one big vagina from head to toe. He also taught that Muslim woman are on the verge of losing control and committing adultery all the time. This is why Mohammed required they wear the Hijab or the Burqa covering their whole body.

Muslim girls grow up being taught that they are nothing but sex objects of their husbands. When they later have a baby boy, they will play with his penis trying to stimulate an erection, hoping that by doing this they will raise a mighty sexual giant of a man.

A good Muslim woman is expected to grow up not wanting sexual satisfaction. Her ONLY pleasure is to know that her husband had an ejaculation and she made herself attractive to him. She is to accept her sexless personal experience as noble before Allah.

Along with Mohammed's vile teachings on mutilation of girls, he taught husbands that they MUST beat their wives to keep them from adultery. He also taught that a husband must kill his wife if she gets into adultery. There is NO mercy in Islam for woman.

Mohammed also taught that woman are only half a person. This whole demeaning and degrading of Muslim woman does the opposite of what Mohammed planned. Thus, Muslim men are often totally disillusioned with sex with their half person wife who can show no response in climax. The objective of climaxing together is unknown to Muslim men. This is why so many Muslim men have a sodomite relationship on the side. This is VERY common, especially among the Mullahs.

So, it is no surprise to me, having done the research, that female mutilation has come to America in the Islamic community. The charming lady doctor at the left is a child mutilator, a beast.

This may help some of you diddle heads to realize that Islam is NOT, "a good and peace loving religion," as the demented President George W Bush told us long ago.


Anything which can be legally done to destroy Islam in America should be done at once. You must teach your children that Islam, and the prophet Mohammed, are pagan beasts. If Muslims will not confess faith in Jesus Christ, they should be prevented and resisted fearlessly.

Let it be made very clear..... every Muslim you meet approves of Jihad, and they approve of the mutilation of girls. Every Muslim man you meet thinks he is a mighty sexual champion, and he fully believes that women's sexual pleasure is dangerous and should be restrained. These people behave themselves with you, but given a chance they would force your daughter to be sexually mutilated and then rape her. Sharia Law is the most treacherous legal system on earth.


This is what the demented sex teachings of Mohammed make of Muslim men.

Islamic justice in Pakistan. We may assume that the courts in Pakistan will do nothing to these people. Sharia law is the highest law in that country.

Wife beating claimed to be a "blessing" by Muslim woman

Sick minds of idiots who facilitate Muslim crimes.

Muslim President Barak Obama can now rejoice that his invasion of Libya has resulted in a thriving slave market of Black Africans. It is ironic that a Black Muslim US President has brought Africans back into slavery.

And, according to Mohammed, Allah is delighted to see his followers rape and mutilate people. This is a rancid mongrel god we do not need.