Tuesday, December 20, 2016


The chase is exciting, but a friend pointed me to the information below the video, and the officer went wild at the time of the arrest. He was forced to resign, and should have gotten more than that.

So, enjoy the ride, but be assured that the officer is not typical of Texas law enforcement.

One lesson can be taken away though. 

In any state of city, if you put an officer into a deadly experience, such as the chase in the video, he will finally deal with you in a state of boiling adrenal overload. It is a rare cop who suddenly go into total sweet and loving self-control. 

We are not excusing the cop. But, these guys are human. Push them hard enough, and you may get treated badly. Some of you folks would never think of kicking a sleeping pit bull, but you really believe that you can abuse a law man, and he is obligated to thank you and hold you coat while you scream at him.