Friday, December 2, 2016


This is the most bizarre event I have seen in my lifetime. It fits no model of logic, even Obama's hate for America. Why Africans by the thousands? How did they get to Mexico?

You will have to review this and tell me what it means.

BREITBART reports on the African invasion of the USA

Africans entering US through Mexico in Secret: My Interview with an African in Tijuana

I have the creepy feeling that this has already happened long ago because of the dates on the videos and web pages. But, some of these have been posted today. 

If these Africans have already been allowed into the USA, then we must anticipate that Al Shabab from Somalia is here to burn and slash in the name of Allah. Obama can leave office knowing he has facilitated the massacre of thousands of Americans, Also, our forests will soon all be roaring with flames. That is the new trick ordered by ISIS.

Also, I have seen African refugees interviewed, and the modern refugee is NOT like the old days. They demand money, papers, tickets for transport. They are the ultimate entitled lunatics. You may think they will be happy to live under a bridge. Wrong. They will expect to live in your home. People in Germany have been evicted by refugees, and the German authorities will not help the residents get their homes back.

This is not just a cruel trick by Barak Obama to turn America into a land of racial chaos. It is a personal attack on the health of you Americans.

These Africans, especially the ones from Congo, are infested with AIDS. AIDS runs as high as 60% of the population in the Congo. They also regularly have Cholera and Typhoid outbreaks, and many other tropical disease are rampant there. So, Obama knows this, and he intentionally is exposing America to tropical disease epidemics.

Leprosy is also common in the Congo and other African nations. We may see this disease become epidemic in the USA if these Africans invade the ghettos of America. You who are Black Americans..... it is about time you see that Obama is trying to kill YOU.

Obama is a murderer.


As a Texan, I am asking you immigrants from India to do us all a favor. This will be very good for your destiny also. Please help us keep Obama's murderous masses out of Texas.