Friday, December 9, 2016


The United States of America is no longer plagued with racism. That is ancient history. Our ongoing problem is tribalism.

Tribalism is something I understand well because I grew up and later worked in African nations. I also studied Anthropology. Tribalism sees no color. It is all about language, culture, religion, and lust for dominance.

So, both Trump and Hillary have carved out their tribal definitions. Bernie Sanders also has his own sub-tribe made up of Hillary's tribal people who don't like the dullness of the chief.

The Trump tribe have a new language all their own. "Make America great again." "Build a wall." "Run off international trouble makers." "God is good."

The Hillary tribe have their own language also. "We are the greatest, to hell with America." "We are entitled to [ fill in the blank ]." "If we lose, the end of the world will come." "We will kill you in the streets if you win." "We hate God."

Both tribes are working themselves up into a frenzy. The Trump tribe are in a frenzy of self-exaltation and leader worship. The Hillary tribe are in a frenzy of genuine fear that the Republican Party has the power to destroy America.

Both of these tribes are not only wrong, they are abid rasses.

I have watched the results of tribal competition in Africa, and I can predict the outcome:
1. Hate 
 2. An urge to sabotage, such as the ongoing death wish for Trump at CNN and on Twitter. 
3. War

The violence in the streets now, while financed by George Soros, will soon become endemic, and the end of this will be that the President has to declare Martial Law. At this point, the Trump tribe will feel vindicated in going to the streets and counter attaching.

You Hillary nut cases are so stupid. You hate guns, so who has the guns?

Answer: The Trump tribe.

You Hillary junkies cannot win in all out tribal war.

Can you imagine what would happen if the Kikuyu and the Masai tribes of Kenya went to war, and the Masai left their spears at home. That is what YOU Hillary nut cases are facing.

Mark it down, the Hillary tribe is made up of lazy entitled Liberal slobs. The Trump tribe is made up of angry war veterans, working men, and self-motivated and self-financed beasts. Can you tell who will prevail?

If something is not done to stop this rage and insanity, the day will come when Trump tribal vigilantes will be prowling the streets and suburbs, and the residents will welcome them.

If you think Jim Crow was a bad time, just wait until GI Joe is on the prowl. And, it will shock a lot of you Hillary tribe to one day see Black men together with White men looking for you carrying a new rope to hang you.

This video shows how utterly childish and puerile the Hillary tribe are. This has NEVER happened before in America, and it is a very bad harbinger of things to come.

In the light of the ongoing good things done by Chief Donald, and with the Mexican President talking about helping build the wall, and in light of the Stock Market going wild, can you Liberals not see how utterly stupid you look to rational Americans.

Sure, Donald has his warts, but so far, things seem to be encouraging. Is it asking too much for you to calm down a bit?

Answer: No. You are raging beasts, and you WANT tribal war.

Well, you will get it, and the end will not be what you imagine. You will die like flies, or you will end up sitting in some corner trembling in terror and regret.

America CAN be destroyed. Just keep doing what you are doing..... HYPERVENTILATE NON-STOP, BURN BUILDINGS, KILL COPS, AND HATE HATE HATE.

Proverbs 17:11 An evil man seeketh only rebellion: therefore a cruel messenger shall be sent against him.