Sunday, December 25, 2016


Now, you Bible believers need to indulge me a moment. I know Donald Trump gives virtually no indication that he is born again. His talk about "my religion" is dull and sounds like a hick burp drunk from Appalachia trying to convince us he never backslid.

With that clear, I was delighted to see the next President at Episcopal Mass. While the idol is only somewhat improved, the last President bowed to the Saudi Arabian princes and to Mecca. He had Islamic prayers regularly in the White House.

That will soon be gone.

I was disappointed that the video did not last a few seconds longer. Trump, after glad handing the folks rather brashly, seems to be genuflecting, and that is a rather rare sign of humility from the old boy.

After waiting for eight years for even the tiniest dose of "hope and change" from the Patron of the Islamic Brotherhood. I am blessed to see that Sir Donald will bring change, and that will include the issue of who is God.

Allah, Discedere ad inferos!