Wednesday, December 21, 2016


We are talking about Muslims who WANT Jihad, love to kill non-Muslims, and will kill on command.

These people have no sense of politics. Islam rejects political devices completely. Sharia law rules all of Islamic society, including all governance.

Angela Merkel is the best friend ISIS has. She virtually invited thousands of refugees and terrorists into Germany. She knew she would be hated for it. She is doomed in the coming elections, so we must assume she has some secret death wish for the German people and German nationalism. This is classic One Worldism. STUCK ON STUPID

But, why do ISIS and Islamic terrorists do these mass killings just before their patron saint Merkel is up for re-election? Muslims cannot reason. They are mad with blood lust. Certainly, there are a handful of "good and peace loving Muslims," as George Bush told us right after he blew up the World Trade Center. But, the majority of Muslims are so filled with hate and lust for blood that they regularly time their murders to their own political disadvantage.

Thus, we must understand that Islam blinds the mind. Muslims believe in a make believe god from ancient Sumer and Babylon, and they follow a prophet who loved to kill and slit throats. His very first efforts to spread Islam consisted of killing all the Jews in Medina. During the battle he raped a Jewish girl named Safiyyah. Later, he married her. Even later, she poisoned him, he knew it, and he did nothing to her. 

Death and blood are a chess game to Islam. Mohammed, and Omar after him, raged around the Middle East killing their own race with joy. To Muslims, a blood bath is just like an old fashioned Christian revival service with sawdust on the floor and folding chairs.

So, get this straight...... Islam will never make sense the same way in which most psychological disorders do not make sense. To assume that any Muslim loves peace is to think suicidally. It is always necessary to see every Muslim, who has not yet left Islam, as a raging killer by instinct. 

The deception is that the majority of Muslims in America and Europe are very peaceful in demeanor. This is because Islam is also schizophrenic. Muslims can be 100% at peace with you, and they sincerely believe they want peace with you. A day later, because of some trigger aspect, like a Mullah lighting their fire with a sermon at the mosque, they can turn on you in raging hate.

Pardon the analogy, but it most definitely fits........ The pack instinct found in animals applies. Muslims are a lot safer to be around when they come to you one at a time. When Muslims are in a group, they drive one another along into sacred rage very quickly, and your alleged dear Muslim friend can soon be screaming in your face.

This pack instinct is also found in some Fundamental Christian groups. Jesus went to the lost one by one. He was at his sweetest when he was one on one. He was rough and harsh when he had a group of Pharisees after him. Do you and your Christian friends tend to gang up and attack only when you are in a group? If so, you have the same disease the Muslims do. Repent.

This following example is meant to teach only one thing and not to characterize Muslims unfairly. 

Any animal control man will tell you that certain dogs have triggers. If you push the dog too far, by discipline or accidentally hurting the dog, the dog will turn on you viciously. This includes such dogs as pit bulls, chows, rottweilers, and some shepherds. 

The dog may be your best friend, and the dog may REALLY LIKE you. But, he comes with a bred in trigger to attack if pushed too far. Other dogs do not have the trigger and can be hurt and beaten to death and never attack. This is why animal torturers and witches choose cocker spaniels and other passive dogs to abuse.

Muslims have a trigger. It is bred into them by the whole Islamic community from birth. They eat, sleep, and breath the total Islamic propaganda which makes them schizophrenic in this way. It is politically incorrect to talk about this today, but if you buy used books online by those early explorers of the Middle East, they talk about this frequently.

Do not think that Muslims are racist. Their trigger can be pulled by another Muslim. Shiites hate Sunnis, and visa versa. Even Mohammed, in his sayings called the Hadith, said that a Muslim who murders another Muslim will one day come before Allah. Both the killer and his victim will be approved and rewarded by Allah. When a Muslim murders another Muslim in the name of Allah, and in the process he is killed, he will have the 72 virgins in Paradise just as certainly as if he killed you, a Bible believing infidel.

So, in terms of self-defense, and in terms of the safely of you local church, every Muslim who comes near you has the trigger of blood lust. It takes a lot to pull the trigger in most Muslims, but once someone pulls that trigger, that lovely Muslim will kill you in a flash and scream "Allah u Akbar."

This is what the German people, and people all over Europe, are learning. Their leaders are utterly stupid and oblivious to the reality of the world they now live in. In their deluded One World gushing madness they have brought to Europe the very people who will destroy Europe. The only thing which will now save Europe is anarchy and mass murder of Muslims by the masses. This too is not an option, so Europe is basically gone.

And, President Obama is doing the same thing to America. It is only a matter of time before the really horrific massacres begin in America.

There is virtually nothing you can do about this on the national level. Our leaders in the USA are all dead beat pedophiles and are blackmailed into submission. I believe this may soon happen to Donald Trump because of his associations with the pedophile criminal, Jeffrey Epstein. Once Epstein decides to take Trump into his collection of owned souls, Trump will become worthless as tits on a bore hog, just like Obama, Bill and Hillary, and George W Bush.

Your responsibility before God is two-fold:

1. Defend your family, church, and yourself. Be armed, and be cautious whenever you find yourself near Muslims. Be polite, but understand that you are dealing with very polite and gracious pit bulls. They have a trigger.

2. Jesus died on the cross for all Muslims. The best thing you can do for a Muslim, and for your own safety, is give the Gospel to a Muslim. It is reported by Islamic leaders that 667 Muslims an hour are leaving Islam. The story about Islam taking over the world is a lot of hog wash. Muslim leaders know this, and they claim Islam is growing. It is NOT. Muslims all over the world are sick of death and blood flowing in the streets from Muslims killing Muslims. Show them Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

Does this seem contradictory? 

Well, it is. The whole Christian life is a contradiction. We are told to beware of heretics, devil possessed spiritual thugs, and at the same time, we are told to preach the Gospel to them. Only with the help if the Holy Spirit can you wade through this world of danger to rescue the few who will listen and believe in Christ.

Jude 1:21 Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.
22 And of some have compassion, making a difference:
23 And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.

FOOTNOTE: You will not find many people other than me talking about this.......... 

Mohammed hated music, even people singing quietly to themselves. He rebuked them soundly. There is no music in Islam. There is no music in the mosque. The Arabs, and all Middle Eastern people, love music culturally, but in Islam there is none. This is because there is no joy in Islam. Read that last sentence again please.

There is no love in Allah, NONE. There are no Koran studies like we have Bible studies. All that exists in the mosque is dry rote recitation, and Mohammed demanded it that way.

So, what replaces the God given instinct in every Muslim's soul for music, poetry, and inquiry? 

Answer: Sacred rage. Nothing else. Nothing else moves a Muslim.

One of the best things you can do is sing about the Lord Jesus when your Muslim friend is nearby. See if you can stir his dead soul so that he starts longing for what Jesus gave you..... JOY. 

There is no joy in Islam.