Wednesday, December 21, 2016


A member of our extended family lives in Australia, and she has been in the hospital where she had an operation which was rather serious. With God's help she came through it well. She was moved from ICU to a room, and the next morning she could hear someone humming a hymn.

Here is a report from another family member:

She noticed yesterday and this morning that she could hear the sound of someone humming hymns in the hospital ward. When she went for a walk around the ward (part of her rehabilitation), she thought the singing might have come from the cleaner. 
When the cleaner came to her room to clean, she spoke with her. 
The lady is a Filipino, 61 years old, and she has a cleaning job so she can pray for the patients and she hums/sings so patients will talk to her!!

Our family friend was very encouraged to hear the hymns, and she is praying for the cleaning lady to have opportunities to be a blessing to patients.

So, what about YOU? How about humming or whistling hymns at work or as you shop? There is no law against this, and PC take the hindmost. You could be a blessing to some Bible believer who is feeling discouraged and needs a moment with another believer. Always offer to pray with any person who stops you and talks.

If you are worried what unbelievers will think, such as Atheists and Muslims, they will have no idea what you are singing or humming. Stop assuming this will bring the wicked world down around your ears.

We need to take back the territory we have lost to Satan and his Christ hating servants over the past forty years.

My wife was shopping at a grocery store in our town in Michigan years ago. Our son Dan was young enough to be sitting in the seat of the shopping cart, and as my wife got into the check out line, Dan began to sing Jesus Loves Me at the top of his voice. the checkout clerk stopped everything and just smiled and listened and encouraged Dan to keep singing.

How about telling your kid they can sing a song about Jesus in Wal Mart or in the super market? Very few sinners would have the nerve to tell a little kid to shut up. 

American Marines are not ashamed of their zeal

Hospice worker sings to patient

Taking over International House of Pancakes

Take an acre, even a tiny corner of an acre, for the Lord.

Pastor David Hocking went out to eat with another pastor. When the food came, the other pastor suggested, "Why don't we pray silently?"

David Hocking said he didn't have a problem praying out loud, and he prayed in a good clear voice, giving thanks for their food.

A lady later left the restaurant, and as she passed the pastors' table she dropped a note on the table which said, "Please pray for me. I am having some serious problems."

Later, the two pastors paid and left the restaurant, and as they headed for their car, Pastor Hocking saw the woman was still in the parking lot. He went to her and asked if he could pray for her and be of help. She agreed gladly. Pastor Hocking then spoke to her about Jesus Christ, and the end of the story is that the lady confessed faith in Christ and was born again.

Just be open with your zeal for Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit will take if from there and do some very special things.

Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.