Friday, December 9, 2016


I feel obligated to check in on the topic of Fake News. 

Pope Pancho has said his bit, Hillary has wailed over fake news, claiming it lost her the election, and Facebook has even admitted they were in error in calculating the Fake News factor.

So, I want to do a Mia Culpa myself.

I deeply regret and apologize for reporting that Hillary Clinton is a vile enabler of her perverted husband. Everyone knows she hates sodomy and her husband's lust for woman.

I also sorrow and weep hot scalding tears over my reporting that the Fukushima power company people, TEPCO, have been lying about how much radiation they are putting into our Alaskan salmon.

And, I want to recant for suggesting that Vladimir Putin is correct to complain about the lies and deceptions of Obama and Johnny Kerry. And, those ICBM missiles Putin says are being installed on the Russian border by the US..... they are really grain silos of course.

I hope this clears up the situation some. I really feel a lot better getting this off of my chest.

By the way, have you heard the latest fake news according to Barak Obama. Is seems that Obama refuses to rescue Americans from The Yemen. The Russians are flying into a very dangerous airport situation and rescuing our Americans for us.


This is the kind of Fake News we must make sure never gets out to the dim bulb Americans who crave real news.