Saturday, April 9, 2016


The Canadian born Ted Cruz has mocked at any questions as to his eligability to be US President, and that is just what Barak Obama did.

There is a difference. Obama managed to hide his true origins, and his citizenship in Indonesia, AND his birth issue between Hawaii and Kenya. Ted Cruz has not, and cannot, hide his Canadian heritage.

So, here comes a very savvy law professor and declares as a Republican candidate and challenges Cruz' filing for primaries.


Ted now has three issues haunting him.....
The dames, and
The Canadian birth, and
The Donald

I do not know what to make of this. Drudge will not touch it, and the media is all AWOL again on Cruz. Only PR Newswire and Yahoo are running the thing. Does this mean it is a hoax? I don't think Yahoo would do that.

So, this may be the final bomb to drive the whole political system, including the media, stark raving mad. They don't want to admit it is happening.

If the New Jersey Secretary of State disqualifies Cruz Monday, Cruz will have to sue someone to stop New Jersey from messing with him. But, who does he sue? Each state is sovereign in regard to voting law.

And, if he is disqualified in ANY state, the GOP would be mad to send him to the November election as their man. He could easily be dumped in the Supreme Court.

This would also totally waste the GOP schemes to trash The Donald, leaving Trump virtually alone.

I predict Rick Perry will step up and offer to save the world from Trump, and he may very well bring in Ben Carson, saying Ben was iced by Cruz in Iowa and should be VP.

This will cause chaos and rage in conservative America.

Trump will probably ride out the storm and be the dude who rides in out of the West, via Manhattan, and saves the day.

Thus, a short matinee for you kiddies featuring.....
Dudley Do-Right and Snidely CruzLash.

Somehow, the plot of this flick seems to fit Ted Cruz well.

You who have kids in public school should show this to your kids, and send them to school Monday morning to ask the history teacher what is going on in New Jersey with Ted Cruz.