Friday, April 15, 2016


After the 6.2 and 7.0 quakes in southern Japan, we now have three buoys firing alarms in the Japanese Trench, the most volatile quake zone on earth.

The buoys are directly off shore from Fukushima. If the next big one hits there, the thousands of tanks of radioactive water will rupture, the plastic lines between the tanks will break, and the radioactive water will go directly into the ocean. Also, further explosions at the TEPCO plant are possible.

Here is the story:

The Cascadia quake zone, along the Alaska through northern California coast, is possibly next. Activity there has not in any way followed the activity on the west Pacific ring, and that ring, this time, has actually been firing quakes from Japan through Malaysia and Indonesia and all the way to the Himalayas.

If you live along the Washington, Oregon, and northern California coast, you need to take whatever precautions you have planned for a big quake. 

If it possible that God is very weary of the Japanese mocking at him. In the 1930s missionaries put Bibles into every home in Japan, and there was a great response at the time. Since then, Japan has become a God hating empire of proud people.

It looks a lot like payday.