Tuesday, April 12, 2016


The USS United States was the fastest most slick and classy passenger ship in the world in 1959 when I crossed the Atlantic with my parents on the ship. I remember the awe I had of the ship, but the speed of the ship was what made it famous. It cruised at 30 knots, but she made an exhibition dash crossing the Atlantic at an average of 35 knots, or nearly 41 MPH.

But, the ship now sits in dock in Philadelphia, and she nearly went to the scrap yard.

But, someone has started a project to restore the USS United States to its original glory and make it a cruise ship.

Here is a news item on the project:

It is a good feeling that a piece of American history, and one of our bragging moments in history, is coming back. I wonder if I could at least get a discount on a trip to Southampton?