Friday, April 8, 2016


It's been a few years since the revolution in 1959. But, the rebel against the corrupt government of Batista is still with us.

I have a feeling that Castro made overtures to the US President, just as Ho Chi Min from Vietnam did to Eisenhower. But, proud American leaders were not about to talk to the man who snuffed their shill, Batista. That man had enslaved the Cuban people to US commercial interests.

So, John F Kennedy took serious umbrage to Castro, and he was demonized. Of course, he asked for a thumping when he hooked his destiny to the Soviet Union. Then, of course, the US Government put an embargo on Cuban cigars, even though you could buy them in any Mexican border city. And, the US embargoed Cuban sugar. And there, my friends, is why Cuba has been kept out of contact with the USA since the revolution in 1959.

It is also a brag point in Cuba, especially with Fidel himself, that the US CIA and other spy and death squads have never been able to snuff the old boy. You have to hand it to a guy who sits 90 miles from the USA, and the USA cannot get at him.

The USA has had Communist friends of all sorts, that is, the sort who have something we need and we cannot get from our own real estate. But, Cuba wanted to sell their cheap sugar to the USA, and the Cuban sugar Mafia in Florida threatened every President since Kennedy with destruction if he let Cuban sugar in. This is why the USA has the highest sugar prices in the world.

So, now, our Islamic Mullah breaks with the Cuban sugar Mafia and opens relations with Cuba. I hate the way Obama apologized for America being the nasty villain, but in terms of international interests, Obama did the right thing.

Back to old Fidel. He is exactly 90 years old, and in this video he still has some class and the old revolutionary flare for the dramatic.


Bill Clinton happens to like Havana cigars greatly, so he can now get them legally instead of from Kinky Friedman