Saturday, April 16, 2016


The Saudis are threatening to dump billions in Treasury paper if the US Congress passes a bill officially blaming Saudi Arabia for 9/11. The idea is to give legal grounds for family of the victims to sue the Saudis in International Court.

Obama is lobbying fiercely to block the bill.

I do not know what his personal motives are, but 9/11 was a demolition, and with the tight security in the twin towers, ONLY an inside job could have pulled off such a masterful and perfect demolition. I know what a good demolition looks like from friends who did it, and from observations. 

Thus, the US Congress needs to open a new investigation and hammer the Bush family. They will find that something stinks big time, and it is not the Saudis.

If Saudi Arabia does this sell off, it will at once devalue all US Treasury paper, and the rest of the world could cash in their paper, AND the US economy would crash.

Will God use Arabs to take down America with the help of our political shills? I am certain the Congress did not come up with this on their own. Some elite jerks in the shadows, with a couple of them here in Texas in the bushes, put them up to it.


Who needs an EMP or a Yellowstone volcano to trash America when we have the House and Senate to do it for us?

Balaam's Ass Speaks once again feels compelled to award
The Dead Skunk Award to the US House and Senate.

I smell straw in the wind.............................

This trick with Saudi Arabia tells me that the Saudis are the next nation the US will attack, first with sanctions, then with the CIA, and finally we will open full blown war on the Saudis. This is how it has worked all my life.

WAR WAR WAR...... The Great Bully strikes again.