Wednesday, April 20, 2016


This video fits what we are hearing and seeing in the news on various issues, earthquakes in particular.

The largest issue is that FEMA is hiding reality from the public by policy. We have also been seeing this from NASA and other agencies already.

So, something is coming down. The issue which is not talked about is the solar activity which causes earthquakes and weather crises.

In the map discussion, where FEMA is setting up crisis ready operations, it is pretty clear that the western set up area has to do with the Yellowstone volcanic caldera. The Nebraska-Kansas set up area may well have to do with the New Madrid (midway along the Kansas eastern border) earthquake fault zone where there was a monstrous earthquake in 1811-12.

The eastern set up area is on the far wide of the granite plate which is set off violently when the New Madrid fault breaks loose. The whole area from Missouri to New York, which curves south and back up through Tennessee and Kentucky, is like a drum head. The action from Missouri travels very efficiently all the way to New York. 

California fault zones are not on a granite layer. They are on rock that is loose like sand, so even large earthquakes stay localized.

The reason this could be the answer for this FEMA set up is pretty smart thinking as far as I can see it. The Cascadia Fault line runs along the North American coast from Alaska to northern California. The Cascadia has not turned loose in many years, at least not on a scale it is capable of historically. When it does, it will trigger seismic action inland to Utah and beyond, and that is where the line of Super Volcanoes runs, that is, from Utah to Yellowstone.

When the Yellowstone blows, there will undoubtedly be a relayed effect into the New Madrid fault zone, and it will release. The end of the action will be in New England, and for the record, New York City is on a fault zone.

So, what is causing all of this?

It appears that the Rim of Fire around the Pacific is on the move. There are two possible issues which FEMA will not talk about.

1. The Cacadia fault pushes the wrong way. The traditional tectonic fairy tale is the the North American continent is traveling west, and the layers tuck under each other along the West Coast and make earthquakes along the Pacific rim. There is an dissenting opinion that states that the Cascadia fault is pushing Canada and the northwest US toward the east. This is what then causes the earthquakes to let loose in Missouri and on east to the Eastern Seaboard. There is much denial about this possibility.

2. The sun is in a sun spot minimum, but it is also blasting off loads of magnetic energy for some reason. The earth's magnetosphere is virtually married to the sun's magnetosphere, something US Government agencies refuse to talk about because they cannot explain what this implies. What it implies is that when a magnetic storm blasts away from the sun directly at the earth, the plates are set in motion, or possibly they simply resonate and release fault lines.

So, it is noble of FEMA to at least make plans based on the real story of earthquake activity in North America, but it is wicked of them to hide the evidence. This is the old game of kings for thousands of years..... "Trust us, we know what is best for you."

Why months off grid? 

This is extreme language, even for FEMA. The implication is unnerving. What I must suggest is this. FEMA is staying well back from the coasts of the USA, and they are staying away from big cities. New York City and Washington DC are getting none of this attention for emergency action. Is FEMA throwing the east coast and the west coast under the bus for some reason?

This could also be preparation for war, and the earthquake leaked talk is smoke and mirrors. War would target the large cities, and the three FEMA set up areas are away from large cities.

I believe the real culprit is the Pacific Rim- New Madrid scenario, and our sun.

I decided to do some news checking on this at this point, and I got the creepy crawlies at this news:



Earthquake experts are gathering in Reno this week for the annual meeting of the Seismological Society of America

This guy deals with the geological earthquake principles, but not with the solar aspect. As bright as this guy is, he failed to deal with the New Madrid zone which did have earthquakes. This illustrates how no one source seems to have all the cookies.

This is deadly, and a moderate Coronal Mass Ejection or magnetic storm blast could take earth down as to all technology.

Did you get the information of the sea floor rising off of Sumatra? That is horrendous, and I am convinced our wizards of science in the US Government do not have a clue what caused it. Evolution is not helping either, with the notion that change comes very gradually over millions of years.

So, if the poles flip, or if the relocate seriously, which has happened in earth's past history several times, the magnetosphere will totally disappear, and any solar blasts at all will be deadly. The magnetosphere will be restored eventually, but after years with all technology being made impossible.

Now, you can see why FEMA is worried, and you can see why FEMA is in the boondocks away from large cities. They want the masses of people fleeing to them in small doses. If FEMA were right across the Hudson River from NYC, they would be out of water and food in about ten hours, and they would not be able to house the masses. The lack of law enforcement would make FEMA helpless, and their workers would quickly abandon FEMA and go looking for food.

Thus, I have to suspect that FEMA is simply trying to still be there after either a monster earthquake, or after a solar EMP shuts down all technology, OR BOTH.

And, now you can see why FEMA and other Gov. agencies are simply not going to tell Americans the facts or what is coming. The masses would go mad and bang their heads against the wall until their brains ran out on the ground.

Are you prepared?