Thursday, April 14, 2016


This is a tour of Fukushima area which is now evacuated and a ghost town and state.

This is what most towns in the USA would look like if our leaders stupidly decide to have a game of nuclear war with Vladimir Putin. You are a fool if you think the USA is ready to defend itself. President Obama has systematically been destroying our early warning systems, especially along the Gulf of Mexico.

Thus, your home town one day?????

Since there is absolutely no indication of the USA being involved in the Middle East in the final stage of the End Times, I am assuming that something like this will happen to the USA, whether it is nuclear war or some other natural disaster sent from God.

You need to be planning to either be somewhere else in the world, or make survival preparations. And, for the record, I am not selling gold, survival food, or bomb shelters. I have not motive here other than to warn Bible believers what is coming.

The rest of you..... laugh it off. Didn't you hear Richard Dawkins say there is no God?