Tuesday, January 26, 2016


That is exactly what Trump has accomplished. 

Watch how Fox and the other Republicans are trashing Trump. The sarcasm and crucifixion is way beyond anything Trump deserves. 


I am not whining on his behalf. I am suggesting Trump is a VERY savvy boy. He has managed, at the last minute before the Iowa primary, to become the under dog, the whipping boy, of the Republican Party.

There has been nothing like this in my lifetime. It sure is a hoot.

Trump has even scheduled a do-gooder event raising funds for wounded Vets. I can see it now, all over America, millions switching channels frantically back and forth between the debates and Trump schmoozing War Veterans.

And, the other Republican candidates will make all sorts of mocking statements in the debate, for which they will suffer badly and raise even more sympathy for Trump. If he can just keep his mouth shut about them during his fund raiser for the Vets.

What a show.

Now, will Trump morph this vicious war against him by Republicans into a Third Party? That would sure tempt a lot more Democrats to cross over, and he might keep almost all his groupies.

There is something else going on I think. America is in a real nasty mood, willing to go do combat with the establishment made of corrupt politicians and corrupt media. Is Trump setting the next level of battle in array? 

Also, Trump has said in the past that bad press is as good as positive press because it keeps you up front. That sure is working. Everything is calculated with this man. Is that a good trait for a President, or does it bring him into question. 

I suspect Putin, and some other world leaders, are trembling as they watch this man coerce the whole American system to dance to his tune. Would he be a President who works the whole world system and forces them his way?

Hillary and the Bern have to also be contemplating the battle if Trump is the enemy.