Saturday, January 16, 2016


This is the story of the Muslim woman who was thrown out of a Trump rally in North Carolina.

First, it may have had nothing to do with Donald Trump. It appears from the video that the police knew before hand whom they were dealing with, and they were acting on the basis of security. The media totally buried that information. This woman and her co-conspirators are just the type to one day bring along guns and kill Trump or pack a suicide bomb. 

Second, and this is priceless, a man in the crowd had a camera running, AND the man was bright enough to learn the rest of the facts about the "poor innocent Muslim woman."

This behavior is classic Islamic Jihad performance. They disrupt and make themselves look like the down trodden peasants who just want to use their free speech.


In Saudi Arabia you will be executed for free speech. In other Muslims nations imprisoned for life or castrated.

This Muslim woman's actions were simply step one in the process of Islam taking over America. This sort of thing brings the media to their feet screaming "racism," and other accusations. The next step is to demand Islamic law, and finally the DESTRUCTION of free speech. Sharia law will rule America if we give in to ANY Muslim who exercises free speech to the advantage of Islam.

IT IS YOUR CHOICE, AMERICA. Many nations are now caving in to Islam, such as the UK and most of Europe. They will one day be ruled by Muslims.

For the record, social media and the little people won the day on this story. The media look like jerks, or worse, like they are owned by Mecca.

Because the media intentionally and totally twisted the Muslim woman story in order to destroy Donald Trump, we at Balaam's Ass Speaks Blog want to issue our famous....

DEAD SKUNK AWARD..... to America's media.