Tuesday, January 12, 2016


The Falasha Jews in Ethiopia were vetted by the Rabbis of Israel back in the 1970s to see if they were Jewish enough to qualify to come "home" to Israel. The conclusion was that they were more Kosher and practiced Bible Judaism better than any Jews in Israel itself. So, they were all air lifted from Ethiopia to Israel.

They came in great poverty. But, things have changed since 1976. Like all Jews when they have to move to new lands, the Falasha Jews put down roots, and they carved out a piece of Israeli life for themselves. So much so that a Jewish lawyer is under consideration to be appointed to the Israeli bench soon.

Most of you reading here may not see this as a big day in Israel, but having lived in Ethiopia, I know this is really a landmark for the Falasha Jews. 


The video story of the rescue of the Falasha Jews from the then Marxist government of Ethiopia. This may second in drama only to the raid over Entebe, Uganda. The plane in the Uganda rescue of Jews held by Idi Amin flew right over our home in Eldoret, Kenya.

The video:

SIGD, a holiday in Israel the Ethiopian Jews brought with them to Israel. It is a holiday now, but long ago in Ethiopia is was a day of crying out to God for deliverance from the "Christian" kings of Ethiopia who persecuted them. That persecution ended, and recent kings like Emperor Heile Salassie protected the Falasha Jews. But, the Marxist government installed by Henry Kissinger and President Gerald Ford tormented the Falasha Jews. Hence, the flight to Isreal.

SIDG dancing by Ethiopian Jews in Israel

If you love history, here is a documentary rich with both legends and facts, all of which are represented today in the Falasha Jews in Israel. This is a rare treatment of the story: