Thursday, January 14, 2016



So, the lady was really asking for trouble, that is clear. But, we must assume she had some idea that the illegal African was living outside the law in Italy.

Here is the lesson:

An illegal is just that-- living outside the law-- an outlaw. Anyone willing to live a lawless life in any way must be assumed to be dangerous in other ways. No man buttons one button of his shirt and not the rest. Illegals will do all the buttons.

So, in the USA, let us learn a lesson. All illegals are criminals by choice, and all of them are deadly potentially. There are legal ways to enter the USA, so the choice to come illegally is clearly a threatening act.

The fact that your favorite illegal is law abiding is beside the point. That friend of yours, the illegal one, has the mindset to break the law. So, when he decides to rape you or your daughter, do not go into shock and awe.

When I tuned pianos in Arizona on the border with Mexico, virtually all the Hispanic American customers I had did not trust illegals, and they turned them in to the Border Patrol. They might feed them out of mercy, but they also call the BP. They did not want illegals living around them and taking their jobs.

Do not expect the President, the media, nor even your local officials to figure this out. They are all inebriated with propaganda and have no idea how much crime is done by illegals. Also, all American leaders, with only a few exceptions in Southwest border states, have made the illegal issue a political issue. 

Look here now, you dim bulb, when a thug climbs the wall around your yard and starts jimmying the window, do you ask him if he is a Republican or a Democrat before putting the working end of a shot gun in his face. Please let me know, because I will tell the thug to come see on next.

Only those officials who actually live within 25 miles of the Mexican border really understand this. I have seen this myself in Arizona. Arizonans who lived in Tucson and on north had very little idea how treacherous illegals were.

But now, we have illegals who do not have the more benign spirit of poor Mexicans. We also have these illegals from Africa who kill for any reason, and we have the Islamic State and other murderous Muslim groups infiltrating America with the full intention of doing us harm. 

Middle Eastern illegals are ALL evangelists for Islam, and they fully intend to kill and subdue Americans to force Islamic Sharia Law on the USA. They justify their murderous plans by referencing a core belief of Islam-- Jihad. When they come seeking your help, they consider you a candidate for rape and slaughter if the chance comes. The only exception to this are the "Christian" Middle Eastern illegals, but must Muslims will tell you they are a Christian to cause you to drop your guard.

There is nothing pleasant about this, but understand this..... YOU did not cause it. Muslim illegals have horrible terror they are fleeing from, but as soon as they are taken in by any nation they soon come to the conclusion that they have rights, and Muslims have the Koran / Allah given right to kill or rape you if they feel like it. Refugee? Yes, and possibly your killer.

The first rule regarding illegals should be to take cover and be armed in one way or another. This applies to the market place also. When you see and hear Middle Eastern men in IHOP talking in Arabic, do you hang around and get the warm fuzzies? Smart people will leave at once, well, except in Texas and if they are "carrying." Sure, they may be Americans, but the fact that they could be some of President Obama's Jihadi friends means you are forced to take precautions. Smart American Arabs do not speak Arabic in public.

If, after arming yourself, you want to give an illegal some food and water, especially if there are woman and children involved, that is quite noble of course. But, be forewarned, illegals who want to kill and rape know how to bring along woman and children as a smoke screen for their real intentions. 

I know of people who were approached by a group of illegals including men, women, and babies. They told the men to move to a distance, and then they tended to the women and babies. Once that was done, they had someone cover them with a gun, and they gave the men sandwiches. 

If none of them can speak English, run them off. If you are in the Southwest, give them water, and that is all. Keep someone else covering them all the time with a weapon, and never get between the illegals and your cover person.

It is no longer a safe America. It never will be again. History tells me this because I have personally seen how it works in the Third World. So, you need to learn ways to be merciful and God fearing with strangers while making sure the strangers do not kill you.

All of the above discussion of illegals is based on my experience living and working for seven years within 25 miles of the Mexican border. And, that was when 99% of the illegals were Mexicans, not Jihadis from the Middle East. 

And, understand this please, the Border Patrol is made up largely of people from northern states of America. They know nothing about Arabs and Islam, and they are not trained in stealth to identify them. I proved this for myself.

Go ahead, take risks out of a soft headed mindset that you sucked up from the media and that famous Muslim apologist, Barak Obama. But, do not whine when you wife is raped while trying to be nice to criminals.

One more thought-- 

It is NOT racist to consider the skin color, accent or lack of English, and even the dress, of someone you do not know who comes knocking. That includes any racial person who shows up decked out in wall to wall tattoos, dressed in Goodwill rejects, and covered with massive bling bling. Also, if they display a lot of downtown affect in slang and gestures, beware. All the needy I have ever met who were for real went to some effort to make themselves seem normal to me. For the record, Black Americans need to be cautious if Whites with any of the above signals show up at the door. Self-defense is an equal opportunity art form.

Arrogance by illegals means danger is at hand. The people in Europe are learning this the hard way. No one truly in need of help will be arrogant.

Discrimination is possibly the most important step to fending off attack by strangers. For the record, I am not justifying racial discrimination simply for color. That is evil, but some colors and accents go with crime, and you better consider what is before you before you go limp with social consciousness.

A rabid Muslim Jihadi will rape a Black American woman just as soon as a White woman.

Be safe everyone, and live longer.