Saturday, January 16, 2016


They were worse than wrong. Hey, a blind squirrel will find a nut once in a while. 

So, Obama and John Kerry got the Navy men back from Iran, and nothing bad happened. That is how international diplomacy is supposed to work when people behave in a civilized manner.

Watch the video please.

The fact is, every time something like this works itself out in a calm and rational manner, future tensions are reduced. Iran is actually getting used to following normal protocols, and that should give us cause to rejoice. They definitely have not always behaved this way.

Barak Obama and John Kerry did exactly the right thing. The soldier who admitted it was his fault did the right thing. 

If your GPS goes bad, and you run into the front of the police station, they may show you mercy, but you are going to have to stand before a traffic court and agree that IT WAS YOUR FAULT.

It is time conservative Americans learn that every time something goes wrong it is not the fault of a Democrat. No Democrat is smart enough to cause all the problems in the world. They do pretty well some of the time, but let us leave some credit for entropy please.

Get a life, America.

I am really getting sick and tired of this ethic in Conservative circles that says that we can always blame a Democrat, even if he is totally innocent and did the right thing. This is the ethic of Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini.


Long ago, Bill Clinton, another Democrat who must be hammered whether he is right or wrong, did the unspeakable.

The US Navy in Long Beach, California was consolidating their bases to San Diego and dropping the Long Beach base. They offered it to the City of Long Beach for one Dollar. The idea was that Long Beach was about bankrupt, and the deal would give Long Beach an asset. Long Beach remodeled the port some and put it up for lease.

The plot thickens. The Chinese mercantile ocean cargo ships were so crowded in the old port at Long Beach that they were actually running into each other coming and going.

Voile, put the former Navy port up for lease. The Chinese made the highest bid, and the deal was almost done. We would keep getting our stuff at WalMart on time.

But, Federal law required the City of Long Beach to check for approval with the State Department. This was done, and Bill Clinton personally give permission. Everyone was happy. The Chinese had plenty of navigating room, the City of Long Beach balanced their budget, and.......


Conservatives in many areas of the nation accused Clinton of, "Giving a piece of America to the Chinese." 

Bah. It was a lease, stupid. Also, all the Conservatives who griped and accused Clinton of treason went right down to WalMart or Target and bought a toaster from China.

One of the freedoms we all have in America is the right to THINK.  Try it. It can save you a lot of egg on your face.

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