Friday, January 15, 2016


No Presidential candidate in his right mind runs against US cities or states. He runs against other candidates. Cruz marginalized New York City during the debate in an effort to make Trump look like an East Coast establishment boy. That will cause all East Coast Republicans to panic at the convention.


Everyone knows NYC is a flaming Liberal hog pen, but you just do not say such things and get elected.

Add this blunder to the issue of  Cruz's birth heritage, and you have an explosive situation. The Dems would do video after video playing up both these items.

I like Ted Cruz, and he is one of our Texas boys in Washington. But, if the man cannot figure out that winning elections, AND relating to the world, is all about MAKING friends, then I must reluctantly go with the guy who has many years of schmoozing the masses and glad handing the power people- Trump.

The issue in this election run up is that we do NOT want the Queen of Mayhem, Hillary Clinton. She has supervised the destruction of the Middle East, and she will do the same to much of America. She was a friend of cop killers in her youth, and when she was First Lady in the past, she was hateful and cruel to the Secret Service. Hillary hates anyone who works to bring order.

For the record, as a Bible believer I am totally disillusioned with all the candidates, both parties. Virtually none of them talk about restoring the culture and fear of God in America. The nation is at the point when all empires fall into fear and suspicion of the future. Only a look back at the God of the founders will save this nation. So, there is no hope in any candidate in the long haul.

Proverbs 14:34 Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.

America is Sodom, and NO candidate will talk about it.