Friday, January 8, 2016


Philadelphia cop shot by Jihadi.

President Obama has imported ISIS into the USA in the name of humanitarian interests. These are his people. They love to massacre anyone who is not a Muslim. They shout that to the world daily online. And, President Obama is cool with ISIS in America. If he was not, he would be vetting these refugees extremely well. He is bringing them in with minimum vetting.


The man said he did the assassination attempt in the name of Islam. Let us simply take him at his word, and deal with him as a classic faithful Kaffir hating Muslim.

Make not mistake about this. Obama KNEW he was bringing death and Jihad to America with the mass of Middle Eastern refuges. We need to lay this at Obama's feet and call him what he is.


If Obama fails to speak to this event, or if he tries to warp it as evidence for the need of gun control, he is in complicity with the assassin. 

Let us not tolerate the propaganda that the shooter was using Islam casually. ANYONE, who claims Islam as a motive should be hanged high as an Islamic Jihadi.

Any person who gets violent in the name of Islam is insane. Islam breeds insanity, BUT, these people must all be considered terrorists.

This makes Donald Trump sound very sane in his demands about vetting refugees.

Last thought: The man was a man of compassion as well as one tough cop. He persued the Jihadi and took three shots of returned fire which hit the Jihadi and resulted in the arrest of the Jihadi. We salute officer Jesse Hartnett of Philadelphia. 

Jehovah---- 1
Allah-------- 0


First, I want to apologize for getting the name of the good cop wrong when I first posted this entry. It is correct now.

Second, this video is now available:

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