Friday, January 15, 2016


The USA is not in Bible prophecy. The only slight illusion to the USA is when the Bible talks about "the isles of the sea." These prophecy teachers who claim the USA is mystery Babylon are whistling in the dark. They claim we will be destroyed in fulfillment of the prophecy in The Revelation about the destroying of the Great Whore. 

NO, we will suffer destruction to get us out of the Middle East, and I believe God is about to push the button on America. It will be simply his reward to America for trashing God's Word and exalting baby murder and sodomy. It will not fulfill any prophecy.

In that context, I received email from my friend who fought with the IDF in Israel, and he was pointing out that Putin is double teaming Netanyahu. The link gives the story:


My response to my friend follows:

This sure looks like at least the foundation for Ez 38 to be fulfilled soon. Putin must have a plan for the process ahead, and Netanyahu has to know that. Israel also has deep intelligence presence around the world, at least where their interests are at stake. So, they must be peeking in on Putin at least some of the time.

So, here is the question I have wondered about: Putin attacks Israel and is destroyed. Where does that leave the Middle East? It would seem that the USA will have an open door to enter and rule for many years with either war or diplomacy. But, the USA is not in the prophecy of the Middle East.

What worries me, at least humanly speaking, is that the US must go down big time before, during, or right after Russia is destroyed militarily. I fear we are in for trouble very soon.

Does that make sense??

My friend responded with a frightening reality that looms over the US Military as I write this:

Very much sense indeed.  It's almost like since those of us with discernment know enough to really be concerned about what's going to happen to the USA, that that in and of itself portends that it will be particularly awful.  In the back of my mind is that a big ship sitting out on the water is extremely vulnerable from all directions.  
The only way we can project our power -- short of strategic nuclear weapons -- is with carrier groups.  Sink the carrier, and the other ships need to go home asap.  Sink the carrier and the rest of the fleet has no air cover.  Sink the carrier, and enemy subs have a lot less to worry about.  
The Chinese are keenly interested in sinking our carriers, and so you can bet the Russians are every bit as interested as the Chinese.  If our enemies could sink our carriers, we would be totally toothless.  And once our fleets sailed home -- if they were able to get back without the rest of our ships being sunk -- then it would be pointless to ever sail forth again.  We would be castrated.  We would never be able to sail far enough to muster a land-invasion force.

It is possible that some President will be given a quiet ultimatum. Get out of the Middle East, the South China Sea, and Africa (where China is very busy making friends), or China and Russia will sink our carriers. China recently announced they have a missile just for sinking carriers.

With the Stock Market plunging, and with the $19 trillion debt, and with rebellion on the right and in the inner city, the President would be mad to go for a show down. The only response would have to be either fire a thousand nuclear missiles, or capitulate. We do not have the stomach for nuclear war because it would destroy much of the nation. 

So, we may soon watch in puzzlement as the President and the Pentagon walk away from the world. 

Then again, China and Russia may just sink all of our carriers and smile. The US will have to again walk away. If they went for war, WalMart and all of our technology would dry up at once with no imports to keep the juggernaut rolling.

The Donald would not stand down the Russians, nor would the Bern. The only one stupid enough to start a war would be Hillary. Pray accordingly folks.

By the way, our missiles are old, and Russia's and China's are very new. Some of you may recall my telling about a friend of mine who was in on testing ten nukes in the Pacific some years ago. Ten that were well within their shelf life were detonated. All ten misfired. We are NOT ready for war.