Saturday, January 9, 2016


The Bani Saud, a tribe of scruffy Bedouin in 1938, have been "Royal" since that date. The British, long ago, decided the Saudi family would make great royalty, but they behave like Jihadis in real life.

The execution of the Shiite Cleric, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, is the latest trick the Saudis are playing on Washington and their shill Barak Obama. They know he bows low for them, so they are throwing a diplomatic Mologov cocktail into the international mix to force Obama to take up with Saudi Arabia when the Saudis launch war against Iran.

Personally, I believe that Netanyahu is in on plot. The Saudis told Israel that when they want to attack Iran they can fly over Saudi Arabia to avoid confrontation with Obama flying over Iraq. Neither Israel nor Saudi Arabia really have any love for the USA. They simply use us to get their way in the Middle East.

But, Obama seems to also crave the distinction of civilizing Iran via peace papers with lots of signatures, which would be the same as you or I civilizing a crocodile with a ticket to Disney Land.

So, BO is wringing his hands no doubt, which he does well when the heat rises. The Saudis will keep on throwing rocks through Iran's windows, and war will come by and by. In the end the USA may go to war with Iran because a rabid Shiite desert Mullah got his head chopped off for rocking the Arab boat. What a great reason to launch WW III.

The Saudi Royals are actually mad about the low price of oil and the high price of whores. When an Arab cannot go to town and buy a cheap hot ho, he gets mad and declares a Jihad in the name of Allah, most gracious, most glorious.