Sunday, January 3, 2016


President Obama, in the model of Mao Tse Tung and Joseph Stalin, is coming to take away our guns.

The Governor of Texas, in the model of the founders of the USA, is not giving up his gun.

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I'm EMBARRASSED: Texas #2 in nation for new gun purchases, behind CALIFORNIA. Let's pick up the pace Texans.

There has been much discussion in Texas about secession. Texas is a state by treaty, unlike any other state in the Union. So, Texas can revoke that treaty. And, the original treaty was not made in the usual democratic model. 

Also, Texas retained total power over all oil reserves, and the US Government was not permitted to claim any of Texas as public land. The US Government has since only acquired land in Texas by paying for it. There is only ONE National Park in Texas, and they had to buy it. We like to visit that park and rejoice that it is the only land in Texas where you cannot carry a gun.

Texas is unique, and we all know it. Texans have been very loyal and patriotic US citizens, but they always retain the knowledge that they are special. You may hate Texans for that, but nearly every other state in the Union thinks they are special for some reason. 


So, what are the chances that Obama could drive Texas to secession? 

Pretty good, actually.

Obama has NO sense of the moment, and he is obsessed with guns. This is not because he really believes guns are the enemy. Obama is the porch monkey of White Race Sodomites in high places, and THEY want the guns gone so they have no chance of resistance as they take further control of the USA.

This is historic and has happened over and over since firearms were invented.

So, if the rest of you Americans want to watch Texas fold and move on down the line, just keep screaming for gun control. If you like the very large contribution of tax revenue Texas contributes to the US budget, slap Obama down at once. 

The US Congress has become totally neutered and spayed by special interest cash. They will do nothing about this new gun control coup in the Offal Office.

There is something no one I know of talks about. I will state this again, and I am 100% convinced of it.


All it will take is the first single state to secede to bring the whole nation down into secession frenzy.


The first state will secede, and after about 48 hours maximum, their leaders will realize they do not have to take their share of the national debt with them. This new sovereign nation will be perfectly free to start over fresh and divest itself of any and all encumbrances. The laws of the USA become null and void to a state newly seceded. They will make it very clear they will not accept a transfer of any US debt to their new nation.

The US Government will then declare the dollar forbidden as foreign reserve in that new nation (state). This will become a joke because the whole world uses the dollar, and the new state will simply go shopping for dollars and let the US mint and the Treasury Department try to keep its value protected. Furthermore, digital dollars work anywhere. Their only problem will be to back a new currency, and that will be easily done by finding a friendly partner for economic security in BRICS or China, even the World Bank which has been chasing other currencies recently.


About 72 hours after the new state declares independence, probably around 80% of the other states will figure out the numbers. The national debt will accrue to them, and every time another state walks, the share of the national debt will increase for the states who try to stay loyal.

This will last a very short time, and all the states will run for cover.

Obama, but especially the big bankers and Neo-Cons, know this scenario will come down on them, and their empire of oligarchy will collapse at once.


Mr. Obama, do you and your handlers really want to watch Texas walk away? Oh, you do have a mighty Army to subdue Texas. But, you need to remember other revolutions from the past. It has not been the massive strength of the powerful that won those revolutions. It has been the zeal of those who take the moral high ground that wins. Did you ever hear of a bunch of scruffy hill billy farmers whipping the mighty British Army. If not, you  are brain dead, sir. A war of attrition against Texas would be very nasty for all concerned, and there just might be a few other states who would come down on the Texas side of the fence.


Get you hands off the guns of the law abiding citizens of America. What a simple solution to avoid the possibility of the Balkanization of the USA. None of us want that at this time, but we in Texas, and in a number of other states, are ready. Are YOU?


I have a solution for you.............




Mark it down, sooner or later
President Obama 
is going to send in
the US Military
massacre Americans.

King George did the same thing.

'Twern't pretty neither.

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