Monday, January 18, 2016


Please read the story, and watch the video.


This doctor and his wife have been ministering healing to Muslims in Burkina Faso in western Africa. They do this to obey Christ and show mercy to all men. The local people undoubtedly have a great affection for the doctor and his wife. Those who heal without malice are always loved.

So, the thugs of Allah in that area have kidnapped the doctor and his wife. This leaves the hospital unable to give all the care that includes a doctor's skill. This is how Islam works. The leaders of hate in Islam would let a million of their own Muslim people die if they could kill a doctor who loves Jesus.

Please pray for the safety and return of the doctor to his work. Also, tell your friends to pray.

You need to understand that Barak Obama may well be dancing around the Oval Office rejoicing in his Muslim brothers who took the doctor and his wife hostage. The US State Department will say nothing. It is more likely that the Australian Government may say something, but that nation is also rolling over and peeing on itself like a cur dog with regard to Islam. There may be no help from men for the doctor.

You need to learn from this story how evil Islam is. If Americans back down and let Muslims, especially Barak Obama's terrorist illegal immigrants, push their way around in the USA, we will one day see the Islamization of the USA. They never stop pushing.


Anything done or said in the name of Islam must be slapped down.