Thursday, June 9, 2016


It is all simple math, and Bernie's wife proves these two people BELIEVE in this Marxist model.

We need to understand that Bernie got a vast majority of the votes in the primaries. If Hillary was not part of a rigged system, Bernie would be facing off with Donald Trump. We are now at the point where more than 50% of Americans are receiving benefits from the US Government. 

What that really means is this..... More than 50% of Americans are living on hand outs from their friends and neighbors. These hand outs are not voluntary-- they are forced on the giver by the IRS and thus redistributed to the mindless suckers who imagine "the Government" sends them the goodies.

So, it is all over. 

With the run away national debt, along with the steady slump in business production, AND the accompanying unemployment, the national debt will never be paid down. It will run away, as it always has in world history, and the USA will soon be busted.

No amount of Military, CIA, Black Ops, or diplomatic rage and threat can force the world to stay on their leash and keep groveling at the feet of the US elite. The whole world is shifting RIGHT NOW and wandering away from the mighty Bully Nation, and there is not one blasted thing we can do about it.

I suggest you make plans for living in a Third World nation. Humanly speaking (I speak as a mindless creep now) your best preparation would be to get yourself elected to the local city or county council. From this position you can demand bribes, Third World style, for every government service you can control. I tell you this because it is ONLY the rulers who thrive in the Third World.

The other option is to become a cop. Cops do well in the Third World by stopping people, accusing them, taking a nice bribe, and then letting them go with a severe warning.