Sunday, June 19, 2016


This video will make it clear that the words "Islamic Terrorist" will soon be universally outlawed by the US Justice Department. This is 100% Third World law and order propaganda. 

The next step will be to  make it a felony or Hate Crime to use the words "Islamic Terrorist," or "Muslim Terrorist." The reason for this is the Obama wants the terrorists in the streets massacring Americans who are forbidden to call it what it is.


So that there will eventually be civil war as Americans go into uncontrolled rage. What will happen is a total duplication of the killing and rape now in progress in Europe. Obama is doing this on purpose so that he can declare Martial Law.


This is President Obama's swan song. That is, he is doing his own personal Jihad against America. ALL of the Progressive Liberals will support him because they are totally demented. Only after Democrats start getting raped will they wake up....... in FEMA camps.

The question is, will we have a Military coup? That is the Third World solution to this sort of thing. 

For the record, there are NO national leaders of any party with the testicles to stand up to Obama. He reminds me of Idi Amin and his demonic force of intimidation.

I have lived in the Third World, and I have spent my life watching the world you never looked at. I know what I am seeing here. 

Pray that God will step in and stop this in his own way.