Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Bad idea, BO.

Russia has just put in place war games with Israel.... 

Russia is rescuing Syria.... 

and Russia holds the backdoor power in Iran. 

So, if Obama refuses to deal with the Saudi Deputy Crown Prince (that means he will be king next), the Prince could go home and trash the USA. 

He is also Finance Minister of SA, and he could sell off  Saudi Arabia's US paper, thus sending shock waves throughout the world of debt roulette. He could announce even more oil trade in Yuan and a retreat from the US Dollar. And finally. the Prince could talk his Daddy into begging in on the Israeli / Russia war games.

The prophet Ezekiel, up yonder in Heaven, would say, "I told you so."

We in the mighty USA are turning a corner in the Middle East. Our plan to trash seven Middle Eastern nations has come to a grinding halt. Syria was supposed to fall quickly, but Assad is now back in firm control of Syria courtesy of the Bear, Putin.

Russia is on the verge of taking over the godfather role with Israel, and the USA will be shunted to the side.

President Obama would rather check restrooms for pooping violators.

We are in trouble folks.

End Thought:
Saudi Arabia does indeed have access to many terror groups, what with their donations. Thus, SA could easily pass a terrorist group some cash to launch a major attack on the USA. The US Congress has recently approved victims of the 9/11 demolition (by the Bush family) to sue Saudi Arabia for reparations. This would be like me suing President Xi of China for reparations for the three acres in Okmulgee, Oklahoma which a White real estate shark stole from my Cherokee great grandmother. (True story)

Saudi Arabia knows who blew up the World Trade Center, and they are not amused. I would not want to be in George Bush's shoes right now. The Saudis may have quite a file on 9/11, and they may just dump it to the Internet.

Do not be deceived by all the US Military equipment and war games all over the USA. I am convinced that this is psychological propaganda meant to make you think the USA is still mighty and deadly. To the rest of the world, the USA is a nuisance and a bully, nothing else.

This is America's foreign policy in the Middle East:

We have virtually NO friends in the Middle East. No one remembers how the USA and Great Britain rescued the Middle East from the Ottoman Turkish Empire in WW I.