Wednesday, June 15, 2016



This is the world of the Mad Hatter and the March Hare. Only a lunatic would long for the day when people stop writing altogether.

Here is why:

Written communications last. Video is gone instantly.

Written things challenge the mind as well as the writer. Video is mental diarrhea.

Writing is slower. It causes us to weigh our words better, and we make asses of ourselves a lot less frequently. This is why mental midgets can become Presidents and sound brilliant..... they use speech writers and teleprompters.

Written words are remembered better. Video added to words is powerful, but video alone splatters around and does not stick well.

This post is proof I am right. If I had done a spontaneous video on this topic, I would not possibly have used the more powerful words I just used above. I am not boasting of being a great writer, but no one can spontaneously say things with the same creative force that comes from those pauses to find the most..... er..... well..... GROTESQUE.... no..... a..... POINGNANT..... no, too pedantic..... OH!..... SEDUCTIVE..... word. THERE, I proved my point.

Keep writing folks. Writing will never go away, and those who lose the skill to write will be left behind one day as the world returns to craving works that do not disappear when the lap top is shut down.

For you video junkies, here is my video for you. This will give you some great one liners which your friends will forget before dinner time: