Friday, June 17, 2016


This should give us reason to rejoice in the virtues of the rabid Jews in our midst. While ISIS chops off heads, and Hezbollah bombs its neighbor, the Jews in Brooklyn only shoot peaches.

For the record, the brat young woman was 100% out of order doing hoverboard tricks in a grocery store. 

I shop in ethnic stores all the time, and when I am there I make a bit more of an effort than usual to be on guard against offending them. It just stands to reason that ethnic situations call for some additional courtesy.

So, the peach was well used in my estimation. Now, the black eye of the girl does look like the Jews in charge failed to take the peaches out of the can. 

There is something about that in the Talmud I think

Never let it be said the Balaam's Ass Speaks Blog has failed to give you the real news that matters.