Thursday, June 16, 2016


The gurus of money games just had a monster conference, and John Mauldin is the godfather of this event. His outlook is very interesting, and he is not all gloom and doom. But, I think he is onto something big when he talks about three billion people moving into the middle class soon. 

If you are thinking about investing in an enterprise, I would strongly suggest something in Asia, Africa, or South America. What product do they need that you can find and pass on to them? You don't necessarily need to move to your market. Perhaps there is something you can develop on the Internet.

Example: Saudi Arabians and Persian Gulf Arabs in the middle class and upward are nuts for Southwestern USA things. One lady sold tumble weeds online, and the Arab rich bought a bunch of them.

As production and employment opportunities in the USA dry up, and that is ongoing now, move to the world out there, and get them the toys of the middle class. 

There is an ugly possibility that we could become preoccupied with a looming economic crisis, possibly very real, and in the meantime miss some great opportunities to cash in on global market changes.

Here is John Mauldin:

If we could somehow lock the Governments of the world up in an elevator stuck between floors for ten years, the world would boom. The only problem would be, at the end of the ten years, we would have to let the bums out, and they would all rush to the printing presses and print trillions of Parker Brothers Monopoly dollars.