Tuesday, June 7, 2016


This is demoralizing, and we can see why the Pentagon and State Department would ask the main line media not to tell the story.

One of the worst situations in the USA is the boasting of the US Military. They brag on everything they have, and this is not meant to win battles. It is meant to fool you into believing you are safe in a very deadly world.

Personally, I have the creepy feeling that we cannot attack anyone larger than ISIS. I have to wonder if several nations has notified us that they are ready to meet us in war and wipe us out. Obama has destroyed our early warning systems, and I have to assume we no longer need them because WE ARE OWNED.

Russia does not brag much. They more often surprise us with their new toys. This has a far more deadly impact on our Military, and this explains why the sailors wanted to escape from the bully nation's program.

Basically, we are a small war nation. Out latest toys are meant to be used against scruffy Arabs and Asians. We are NOT ready for the Bear.