Tuesday, June 14, 2016


First, read this article by Scott Adams:


There is also talk of her having blood clots in the lungs which causes the coughing. In several deadly ways Hillary Clinton is on the edge of health disaster and possibly sudden death. There is NO doubt that her health will only deteriorate. And, what is the chief cause of thrombosis? Answer: Stress. Hillary is a walking stress test with no clock running down. All she has to look forward to is more stress. 

Now, consider the FBI investigation of Hillary's email server felony violations. They are real. Much evidence tells us she was guilty of a serious security breach, and it also appears she did this on purpose to cover up something.

If the FBI hands Hillary's file to the Justice Department and says to indict her, AND if the Justice Department slows the process down to a crawl in order to walk it past the convention and the inauguration, the people at the FBI will leak it to the press, probably right after the convention.

This means more stress on Hillary.

So, any time now, Hillary could bomb out and be carried off the the Intensive Care Unit.

What will the mainline Democrats do?

They will do what they did long ago with another Democrat:


The trick this time will be that the Presidential candidate will be the one with severe health issues, that is, if Hillary does not have a massive stroke and just drop dead.

So, the Democrats who inhabit the great middle ground, that is, between the mad little man with a copy of Karl Marx in his hip pocket on one hand, and a murderous psychopath on the other hand..... The great Democratic middle will actually be relieved. They have an ace in the hole just for this moment, and he is a lot more appealing than the two extremes.

Enter, Uncle Joe.

Joe Biden has no scandals in his back history.

Joe Biden is a very nice guy, smiles a lot, seems genuinely charmed with ordinary people, and he tells his wife to get a shotgun to defend the house in Virginia.

Hmmmmm That could appeal to a lot of people, that is, people who have just about had a belly full of two angry old men and a wretched bad lady. Wow, what a nice guy Joe is, and he did not dirty himself in the campaign by getting caught up in the horrid cat fight.

The Dems will NOT bring in Bernie to fill the place of Hillary. They do not want the Marxist fanatic. Sincere? Oh, the Bern is sincere, but he is a lunatic. America could never afford his version of socialism, and he would terrify the rich, and they would flee the USA fast. The goose that lays the golden eggs and drives business would disappear. The Dem leaders know better than to call in the Bern to fill in for Hillary.

They will call in Uncle Joe Biden, and Joe will graciously agree, small smile on his face, very shy about it, but, "I need to answer the call. All the American people have been so good to me. It is the least I can do to serve them if they want me." [ Joe, you better pay up if you use that line. ]

AND, Uncle Joe is one of the power people in the Democratic Party middle.

AND, Donald Trump will have a huge file on Hillary and all her foibles and folly, and suddenly he will not be able to even produce a file with "Joe Biden" written on the tab. That is bad. Trump will go into the the final lap with nothing but the association of Biden to Obama, and there just is not any way to really prove Biden was anything but Vice-Presidential for Obama.

So, the "Third Term" logic will not work. Trump will rage, and Biden will do the Ronald Reagan routine in debates and in press releases, "There you go again, Donald (small grin). But, Donald, I like your red tie."

Trump will end up being Jimmy Carter against Ronald Reagan. And, the comparison does not end there. Millions of fed up Christians, moderate Liberals, and uncommitted voters will see Joe Biden as the man to relax with. No, he is not exactly on my political wavelength, but he is a gentleman and is not raging and spewing all the time.

That is my take on destiny. I might even vote for Joe Biden myself. He is a Democrat who actually thinks some guns are useful, and the only real fault I find in him is he hugs the ladies too much. As long as American politics has to be a soap opera, let's see if we can move from Dallas back to Mayberry RFD for a while.

Like this.....

Credit must go, for part of this post, to my old college friend, a history major, later a High School American History teacher, who told me he would eat my Texas hat if Joe Biden was not called up, in some way or other, to be the Democrat candidate. He also predicted Joe would win. My friend and I are conservative Bible believers. This is beyond politics. Something good needs to happen to save America from chaos, and Joe may be it.

Don't give me that pious notion that America needs to get religion. Paul never tried to save the Roman Empire. Bible believers need to talk about revival at the church house. All we can do with the national entities in this world is salt them. I see no salt in Bernie, Trump, or Hillary. 

For the record, Joe Biden and Donald Trump have one very peculiar thing in common..... both men will not drink alcohol for any reason.

But, Biden and Trump have one thing very uncommon with each other..... Trump is worth $11 billion, and Biden is known as one of the poorest politicians in Washington DC.