Monday, June 13, 2016


This blog post will end by showing you the conspiracy of our Government to go to war with more Islamic nations, and finally, with Russia.

Homeland Security is paying to have illegals from the Middle East bused from the border and elsewhere to "safe" cities. Omar Mateen, the killer of Orlando, worked for the company HS has used to master mind this infiltration of the USA.

Many Americans have wondered if Homeland Security is a stupid as they sometimes look. They are NOT. They know exactly what they are doing. President Obama is using HS to facilitate the infiltration of America by the Islamic Caliphate. The US Government is now the enemy of America. They invented ISIS, they pretended to attack them, and they ended up shipping them to the USA.

This is war against America by the US Government.






ARTICLE SIX- Omar Mateen had a helper who has been concealed, just like the helpers of Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas long ago.

ARTICLE SEVEN- Orlando massacre the largest in US History? This is a lie. Some of us remember Waco and the killers Bill Clinton and Janet "Johnny" Reno.

#OpISIS- Database hacked by Anonymous Red Cult Team

The notion that this Orlando massacre was strictly all random activity is insane. This is planned, and the plan is to massacre Americans. It is only a matter of time before ISIS in the USA, with Obama's approval, starts gunning down church congregations. Islam, and Obama, hate Jesus Christ. They boast that Jesus is in their Koran, and there is a jesus there. But, they totally destroy any truth about Jesus Christ. Mohammed hated Jews and Christians and ordered his followers to kill them.

President Barak Obama learned well in the madrassa in Indonesia and Kenya. He is being a good little soldier of Allah as he arranges death for American Christians. His petty plot is simply being allowed by the Hidden Hand to feed into their neo-colonial war on the world and Pax Americana. 

I also have to marvel at the sodomite community. They cannot see they are hated much more by Democrats and Liberals. They have themselves hyped up to believe that Christians are a danger to them. It is Barak Obama and ISIS which will massacre you sodomites, not me and my Bible believing friends. Wake up.

You know my rule, which I mention quite often. The way to catch the magician at his trick is to watch the hand that seems to be doing nothing.

Thus, President Obama first touted his Poopgate, the forcing of men on women in public restrooms. That got a lot of attention, and nothing else mattered for a while. Well, the states are taking Poopgate away from Obama and forcing restroom rules back to the status quo. The Mack Daddy Obama then arranged this massacre of sodomites in Orlando. What is going on that is not being reported by the media, and which the Government, ALL BRANCHES, are not talking about?


Obama and the Pentagon are cranking up for World War III. They must believe they can win it, but they cannot convince me. And, they know that. They cannot convince Americans that a World War can be won by the USA. President Obama has no intention of winning WW III. He hopes it will destroy America. He will slip away on some benign trip to Basutoland or Bangladesh, and America will be toast.

Now, this next bit should probably be another blog post, but I expect my readers to have the brains to put some things together rather than live in spurts of shock followed by Budweiser and pretzels.

This video shows you that Propaganda is the game of the US Government. This massacre in Orlando is simply the next killing of Americans to work them into another frenzy to go to war, and this time it appears we go to war with Russia. Please watch the video, including the discussion of the Bush / Gore in the Florida election AND 9/11 which followed like clock work.

For you who do not understand what a successful building demolition looks like. the above gentleman must seem crazy. For those of us who are rational skeptics, this guy makes good sense.

The next question is, what is the ongoing conspiracy, and where are we headed.

The conspiracy is to totally neuter the minds of all Americans.

The destination is not world dictatorship and Globalism. The conspirators, for many years, have been trying to own the world for themselves. This scenario is in direct contradiction with the FACTS of Bible prophecy..... That is, there is coming one man, the son of Perdition, the Antichrist, who will take charge of the world.

So, our Hidden Hand in the USA is on a collision course with destiny as defined by God. All of these Muslim massacres in the USA are supposed to turn your head to gaze on the glory of war. First, there is war in the Middle East, and then, there is war with Russia.


Russia is still very active and on the move in the Middle East in Ezekiel 38, they are able to unite many nations to their cause, and eventually they launch war against Israel. This means that the USA will do no great harm to Russia. God has plans for Russia, and he has NO plans for the USA except destruction.

If the conspirators, the Hidden Hand, get too close to pushing the button on Russia, Putin will beat them to it, and the USA will be toast forever. Dissolution will follow as states run for cover and become independent nations.

Mark Crispin Miller, in the video, makes an airtight case for us all to be conspiracy freaks about all areas of American Government. We have a lot better chance of getting at the truth that way. 

But, beyond his analysis, the fact is, there will be no World War III until Armageddon, and the USA will not be brokering that war. 

Back to Orlando. This is all part of game to drive you to hate Muslims and love war. Later, a False Flag will very likely be pulled, possibly the nuking of a whole city, and Russia will be blamed. Putin is smart enough to do it himself first, and with an EMP nuke he will shut down the whole USA.

You Bible believers should be breathing just fine. You should not be in some wide eyed shock at what I just wrote. Jesus told you this would happen.

Matthew 24:6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

So, bring on the next propaganda massacre Mr. President. We know what you are up to. And, you will be part of the virtual Hell on earth coming soon as God trashes your program and spays and neuters the Great Bully Nation, America.

Propaganda & Engineering Consent for Empire with Mark Crispin Miller
At the risk of sending this blog post astray, I will ask you Bible believers, especially you pastors, to ask yourself if you are peddling propaganda, or are you dealing strictly with Bible based truth. For example, tithing is NOT taught in the New Testament as a way of giving. Do you sell your people the tithing "truth" by using smoke and mirrors? If so, you are an heretic, not just a bit off. You are deceiving people to get what you want.

If you are a propagandist pastor or Christian, you will also be wrong in your world view and interpretation of prophecy. The easiest man to sell propaganda to is a propagandist. That is why you scream hate against Islam. You are doing exactly what Barak Obama wants of you.

Islam is a terrible master and a murder machine, but should that cause us all to hate them? That is what is happening in thousands of church foyers in America.

ARE YOU A SUCKER? Are you cheering for Pax Americana instead of exalting the Lord Jesus Christ?