Tuesday, June 28, 2016


What other explanation is there? Obama wants certain of us Americans to NOT KNOW we are on the ISIS kill list. It turns out that many of them are American Jews. So, does Obama want American Jews killed?

That is the only thing that explains not telling certain people they are on the ISIS hit list.


This also has the effect, which people in power love, or leaving the rest of us wondering if we are on the list.

This is the sort of wickedness which is turning Americans, and especially Texans, against the USA. Out nation is no longer red white and blue. It is only red, BLOOD RED. Death is coming down from high places all the time now, and it will get worse.

You need to understand that the FBI, and all the US Gov. alphabet of agencies, do NOT have your safety in mind. They only live to perpetuate their own domains, and if they happen to save your life by accident, that was not the plan from the get go. This trick with the ISIS list PROVES I am right on this.

Finally, it is MY turn to play the race card. Obama, in facilitating the slaughter of American Jews by ISIS, is the ultimate example of a racist, the "Sig Heil" kind.